Sat 25 Mar 2023

COLTRANE DEDICATION – Embrace the Globe!

8pm   Tickets £12.50

Coltrane Dedication, is a collective of Welsh musicians who recognise the emotional power of John Coltrane’s music, creating powerful, engaging, impassioned communication through improvised music.
Coltrane held the belief that music was a route to a better world and spent his life exploring that conviction. Coincidentally, March 25th marks the anniversary of the Civil Rights March from Selma to Montgomery, Alabama, and his importance in that mission must be acknowledged.
There is absolutely no doubting the integrity and execution of Coltrane's work, his influence on musicians ever since and well beyond the confines of 'jazz' music. We suspect it's about the fact that it is so emotionally charged that it demands much from both players and audience.
Coltrane Dedication is no “Tribute” band. It’s about taking the spirit and playing in the 21st century, pulling us all endlessly into the future. Pushing on, riding the wake – the “Dedication” are intense, spirited and always emotional.

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