Sat 21 Mar 2020

Saturday Shenanigans: The Jukes


The Jukes are back! Resident jazzers at several pubs in the Greenwich area, this is a classic quintet/sextet/septet. They are big fans of Hay and love to escape London (and their day jobs) for the weekend whenever possible. 

This is jazz from the era of smoky black & white movies, created by artists who died tragically young far too often. Music created from suffering. Bebop and classic American songbook. Join us for a drink!
Abby Harte (vocals)
Matthew Shorter (piano)
Christian Lewcock (drums)
Toni Sotos (bass)
Ant Poole (alto sax)
Hubert Spall (tenor sax)
Mark Phillips (trumpet)
Community event 8.00pm
the jukes