Fri 18 Oct 2019

Friday Live: The Spirit Wizard Show - Journey Beyond Imagination

***** "Don't miss this show" - Magic Bar Live 

A night of psychic phenomena, spirits and bizarre entertainment: presenting The Spirit Wizard Show - Journey Beyond Imagination.

The Spirit Wizard Show is a journey of mindful mind reading, psychic experiments and bizarre wonders of mysterious possibilities. The show promises to be inspiring, entertaining and breathtaking from laughter to sheer astonishment.  The show will empower you and your friends or party of guests to the wonders of your mind, dreams, goals, aims and the magical possibilities that life presents us. The show will leave you on a high note, motivated to live in the fullness of your own aims and goals.

As well as founding the School of Busking, Mario Morris has entertained international audiences for over two and half decades in his street performances and comedy shows.

“Mario Morris’s mastery of both indoor and outdoor Magic is really wonderful. I love his work.” - Eugene Burger, McBridge Magic & Mystery School, Las Vegas.



Book tickets £12.00 8.00pm
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