Fri 5 Jul 2019

Friday Live: The Mike Ross Band + Troy Redfern + Michael Parker

Uplifting intelligent americana with a bluesy bias & a soulful swing. Picture Marriott, Parsons and Stills down the local boozer and you'll get the idea.

This lad from the far North East has distilled the essence of the Deep South and West Coast of America - Blues In Britain Mike takes listeners on a uniquely detailed and image packed history tour of the history of the music of the music he loves to play, beginning in the Mississippi Delta at the beginning of the 20th century and finishing up right back in the present moment with his powerful emotive voice and intoxicating virtuosic guitar playing carrying you every inch of the way.

"Fuzzed up, fierce and full frontal fiery attack coupled with sexy, smooth slidin', southern soul!" - Mojo Magazine

The Mike Ross Band returns to Mid Wales Blues Club, this time with Stevie Watts on organ and featuring Troy Redfern on guitar and vocals and special guest Michael Parker!

Redfern is a passionate, intense, free spirited indie blues artist whose ferocious slide guitar style twists and turns timeless themes and ideas to his own ends.

Michael's distinctive technique presents a truly original delivery of classics alongside a classic delivery of originals.

Tickets £12 available from Mid Wales Rhythm and Blues Club

Community event 7.30pm
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