Saturday: Shenanigans

Sat 2 Mar 2019

Saturday Shenanigans: Citrus Society + support from Jakey Boy Hughes

Citrus Society - A jazz sextet ensconced in the blossoming London jazz scene, Citrus Society are not to be missed. Influenced by rising stars such as Nubyia Garcia, Ezra Collective and Moses Boyd, these players have a zest for a whole range of genres; everything from neo-soul through bop to experimental free jazz. Having announced their pithy sound all over the UK, Citrus Society are on to something big so make sure to watch out for their next project - We Need to Talk About Lemon EP.

Jacob Hughes is an English Singer Songwriter based in Hay on Wye. He has been writing songs since he was a young teenager. His music is original and hard to pin down, crossing over between genres, from loud and catchy rock/ pop tunes to more introverted folkish and classical melodies. 2019 will see him perform some of the new songs off his brand new EP Parasol, which features piano as the main instrument.

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Sat 16 Mar 2019

Saturday Shenanigans: Shackleton Trio

A highly original and energetic musical force just as likely to move you to tears as to move you to your feet.

​Frequently referred to as one of the hardest working bands on the scene, The Shackleton Trio is gaining significant UK and International exposure, becoming an in demand name on the folk circuit. 2018 saw plays on Mark Radcliffe's Radio 2 Folk Show, ★★★★★reviews, an appearance on Cambridge Folk Festival's main stage alongside a host of UK and European festivals and international tours.

The Shackleton Trio are Georgia Shackleton (fiddle, vocals), Aaren Bennett (guitar) and Nic Zuppardi (mandolin). Natural talents of the folk tradition, their self-penned material blends seamlessly with their imaginative yet authentic re-workings of traditional folk standards, influenced by British, American and Scandinavian folk traditions, with a regional twist from the group's native East Anglia.

​The unique, distinctive songwriting style of Georgia Shackleton, combined with the vibrant instrumental brilliance of Aaren Bennett, Nic Zuppardi and Georgia’s pure and original voice have developed and matured through two critically acclaimed albums: The Dog Who Would Not Be Washed and new release Fen, Farm and Deadly Water.

"A great sound altogether" – Bruce MacGregor, BBC Radio Scotland

"superb with stunning harmonies"

-Sean McGhee, Editor, RnR Magazine

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Sat 23 Mar 2019

Saturday Shenanigans: Mr Tea And The Minions

Originally a dictatorship formed by the cunning Mr Tea, the Minions have since overthrown him and their chaos has brought forth a musical democracy where cheekiness, fun and a love for the music bind the band together into one massive colorful explosion!

They’re on a mission to ignite crazy dancing by audiences everywhere, with their brand of Gypsy flavoured party music to get their audience stirred into a big bouncing frenzy of fun! A hugely popular festival band, they have played raucous gigs at festivals including Glastonbury, Boomtown, WOMAD, Nozstock, Goulash Disko (Croatia), among many others. September 2016 saw the release of their debut album, ‘Tea Your Mind’.

The Minions play their own unique take on high energy Balkan party music – combining Gypsy flavoured Ska, Dub and Swing with an infusion of soulful melodies, cheeky Eastern riffs and booming beats and bass to put a smile on your face and your knees up past your ears!

“The Minions seamlessly weave Balkan Beats with ska, dub and swing to create a bouncing set. It’s impossible not to get involved.”
The Independent


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Sat 20 Apr 2019

Saturday Shenanigans: Modou Ndiaye

Modou Ndiaye is a virtuoso kora player, vocalist, drummer and percussionist with a superb repertoire of rhythms fusing together traditional and modern beats. He plays a variety of West African instruments ranging from djembe, sabar, calabash and talking drum to his leading instrument –the 22 stringed kora (West African Harp). Modou is a member of the famous Cissokho family of Griot musicians and oral historians from the Cassamance region of Southern Senegal.  A Griot or 'Jali' is a West African historian, advisor, arbitrator, praise singer, story-teller and entertainer. Essentially these musicians were walking history books, preserving their ancient stories and traditions through song. Their inherited traditions were passed down through the generations.

His music is the perfect balance of beautiful yet powerful harmonies with the gentle yet lively tones of the kora, bass guitar, calabash, djembe and a variety of African percussion instruments, uniting traditional and modern sounds that leave you invigorated and inspired!

Modou’s music has also been in demand from the global film industry.  Commissioned by Warner Brothers in 2006, his djembe playing can be heard in the soundtrack of the blockbuster ‘Blood Diamond’.

In 2008, at the request of Brian Elsley, Modou's kora playing featured on the teenage cult series ‘Skins’. 

In 2015 Modou worked with William Goodchild, William composes and produces music for film and television and has scored for the major broadcasters including BBC, Channel 4, Channel 5, PBS, National Geographic international, Discovery international and Animal planet. Modou’s vocals were recorded by William to feature on the Gorongosa park wildlife series for PBS.

Modou is not only a performing and recording artist, he is also a tutor, teaching Kora and Djembe both here in the UK and internationally at festivals and corporate workshops. Modou has also worked with both ‘Live Music Now’ and ‘Superact’ these are charity based organisations that provide participatory performances, workshops and training events throughout the UK.  They deliver music to groups in the community whose access to live music would normally be restricted, such as children with special needs, adults with learning difficulties, older people, hospital and hospice patients, prison inmates and young offenders and refugees.  

Modou’s dream is spread through his music: the universal language of peace, togetherness, love and understanding across the globe.

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Sat 27 Apr 2019

Saturday Shenanigans: Port Erin

“(Ocean Grey) sounds awesome. The artwork could be from the opening credits of a Scandi-TV thriller and the music plays out in somewhat similar fashion. Tense, edgy atmospherics with lovely guitar textures on “Just Like TV”. Add horns and you’ve got the funky, rock-noir vibe of “Half Cut Moon”. It’s kinda prog, but cool prog, if you know what I mean.”

-David Sinclair, The Times.

Garnering near-cult status as purveyors of original genre-bending music,Port Erin are a band of three. Two brothers- Reuben Myles Tyghe, vocals and guitar, flanked by Jacob Myles Tyghe on bass and Cerys Brocklehurst on drums. They hail from Broughton Gifford (a very small village tucked away in South West England) and formed in January 2007.

The past decade has seen them extensively tour the U.K. performing over 600 shows at some of of the U.K.’s most prestigious venues. They have made appearances at many festivals including; Glastonbury Festival (‘10, ‘11, ‘13 & ’14 ), played live sessions for BBC Introducing and their music has been aired numerous times on BBC Radio 6.

Their musicality is magnetic with tightly wound dives and grooves. Cerys and Jacob’s rhythm section is a solid unit, Reuben drifts in-at times controlled and soulful but with moments of cornered fretting. A milieu of sonic textures are at play with echoes of jazz, coupled with mechanical Krautrock undertones. They are as punk as they are prog and as political as they are personal.

Port Erin draw inspiration from the likes of XTC, David Bowie, Miles Davis, Syd Arthur, Talking Heads, Morphine and Tortoise.

2016 saw the band perform alongside Mike Doughty (Soul Coughing) who conducted an electric improv set to an ecstatic audience. In December of the same year, Port Erin were hand-picked as the backing band for Nick Harper’s (son of legendary singer-songwriter, Roy Harper) U.K. tour which saw them play to raucous crowds across the country, culminating in a triumphant finale at The Borderline, Soho.

2017 brings the horizon of album four, Ocean Grey.Ten years distilled into six potent, extended, considered songs. Recorded in the Wiltshire studio of platinum producer and composer, Chris Hughes. Ocean Greywas tracked and mixed by long-time collaborator, Dominic Bailey-Clay (of Nine Volt Leap Recording Studio) following his past work on previous albums, Floating Above The Cityand Live 2015. Pete Judge of critically acclaimed jazz instrumental outfits, Get the Blessing and Dakhla plays trumpet aside long-standing collaborator, Simon Williams on saxophone.

Ocean Greyis an album of considered, quiet rage. Lyrically, it explores earth waning themes of displacement and loss yet solace emerges in the thinnest of glimmers.

Ocean Grey is released on Friday 12th May 2017 via Burning Shed.

Written by Alec Michael Wilson

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