Saturday: Shenanigans

Sat 20 Oct 2018

Saturday Shenanigans: Redfern, Hutchinson & Ross

The Mid Wales Rhythm and Blues Club presents a Space Blues Extravaganza! 
TROY REDFERN Troy is a guitarist for whom tone, feel and grooves are his working tools, while his songs range from a whisper to a scream, including those outlandish moments when his vocals go to the edge of the world and he momentarily transforms himself into Screaming Jay Hawkins meets captain Beefheart. Troy: “I write a riff first, then improvise the lyrics and then I pick some phrases etc and turn them into the song. I usually leave a section for the solo which is usually a one take deal. I love the ad-hoc energy that comes from somewhere else.”
JACK J HUTCHINSON Jack J Hutchinson is a British blues guitarist. Described by Blues In Britain as “everything that is so good about modern blues music”, his new EP ‘Get It Back’ was released in summer 2014 to universal acclaim.
MIKE ROSS Passionate & intoxicating, Mike blazes his own unique trail - fusing his love and command of blues and roots music to create his own unique fusion. Since his re-emergence to the circuit in 2015 he has charged up the ranks to stand with the best known names in the UK roots rock and blues scene. White,Mississippi John Hurt and more. Manitoba Hal also performs several original songs and a cover of a popular Tom Waits song. His strong foundation in American roots / blues music, Confident baritone voice, and distinctive, original music have made him a solid draw at festivals, house concerts and soft seat theatres in Canada, the United Kingdom and Australia.

Tickets £12 available here

Community event 7.30pm
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Sat 27 Oct 2018

Saturday Shenanigans: The Stoned Cherries + Viv Bell + Hugh Knight

The Stoned Cherries are a folk band with a twist. Their material is a mix of original songs, traditional tunes and the occasional cover. The band is rooted in traditional and modern folk genres from England, Ireland, North America and the Caribbean, but 60s and 70s prog-rock influences can also surface in some of their material. Their lyrics are carefully crafted, while stage shows are full of energy and have a touch of Tabasco about them. The Cherries create a close relationship with audiences and have a relaxed line in banter and humour.

“Infectious, sparky mix of trad and modern from Hereford and Worcester – based four-piece (whistles, mandos, guitar, bass), unafraid to have a good time but with thoughtful arrangements and strong studio presence” - fRoots Magazine

Support comes from Viv Bell and Hugh Knight

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Sat 3 Nov 2018

Saturday Shenanigans: Emrys the Brave + support from Atto Mul

Emrys the Brave bring powerful vocals, beautiful melodies and rich poetry steeped in a bluesy rock backdrop. Hints of their celtic roots and Latin rhythms add magic to the air and fuel the imagination luring you in to dance or dream.

Support comes from Atto Mul. A philosophical vision of unity runs through Attos crafted rhythmical poetry, his self taught percussive guitar style evolved from Europe and Africa creating a worldly folk music

In acoustic venues and streets , from the West of England to the Mediterranean, Central and South America, to the valleys of South Wales Atto has become a presence performing a unique and personal music but one of universal connection.

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Sat 17 Nov 2018

Saturday Shenanigans: The Brwmys + Red Ethel

Foot-stomping, jig-tastic future folk from Cardiff, playing an eclectic mix of Bluegrass to Bhangra, Irish to Arabic...and everything in between. Songs can be simple or complex, gentle or manic with no barriers to constrain experimentation. Be prepared to swig your cider, dance your socks off, and find out what the Brwmys actually means...

Support comes from Red Ethel - much loved local band perform a fabulous concoction of folk, singing and beautiful melodies.

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Sat 15 Dec 2018

Saturday Shenanigans: Lonesome Stampede

Local folk favourites, Lonesome Stampede, return for a pre-Christmas knees up. Their year began at the Louisiana in Bristol, and went via London and included festival appearances at Wessex Folk Festival, Down on the Farm and The Great Dorset Steam Fair. Join them for another fun dance-fuelled evening of fab music and major mayhem!

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