Friday Live

Fri 22 Sep 2017

Live Music : Omega Two

Jazz, blues, soul and a little bit of spice. The incredibly talented duo Omega Two features Jane Williams on vocals and Pete Mathison on guitar. Together they perform an eclectic mix of Americana, Jazz and Blues

Book tickets £5.00 8.00pm
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Fri 29 Sep 2017

Desert Island Picks: Juliet Noble

September sees local ice cream extraordinaire Juliet Noble come to tell her story at the globe. Hear the tracks of her years along with, no doubt, some wonderful life snippets! Hosted by Jasper Fforde

This event is free to the public, so make sure you arrive early to get a seat!

Community event 8.00pm
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Fri 6 Oct 2017

Let's Get Quizzical

New questions, new wipeout round, MC Elle on the mic & free chips at half time. Get your thinking hats on!

Community event 8.00pm
Fri 13 Oct 2017

Live Music : Steven Page

Steve performed his solo show " Tangled up in Dylan" here in June. Moonshine and Dust is his latest project.

In 1914 Steve’s Great Uncle Bert set sail from for America in search of work. Two years earlier his Great Aunt Agnes made the same journey hoping for a new start in a new land, leaving behind the daughter she had out of wedlock. Moonshine and Dust is their story told through classic Americana songs and songs inspired by their adventures.

It is a story of heartbreak and war, of life on a southern plantation, bootleggers and liquor. It is the story of how Bert and Agnes were saved by their love for eachother.


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Fri 20 Oct 2017

Live Music : James Hickman and Dan Cassidy

Hickman’s emotive, soaring vocals and driving guitar is complemented by Cassidy’s ingenious and virtuosic fiddling. Their sound flows from the connection between British and American folk and is bursting with all the humour, heartbreak and excitement of these genres. The lively English wit of Hickman is set against Cassidy’s bone-dry irony and American drawl as they take audiences on a dynamic and unforgettable transatlantic journey.

hickman and cassidy
Fri 3 Nov 2017

Let's Get Quizzical

New questions, new wipeout round, MC Elle on the mic & free chips at half time. Get your thinking hats on!

Community event 8.00pm
Fri 10 Nov 2017

Live Music : Heg & The Wolf Chorus

Hailing from Bristol, Heg & The Wolf Chorus has been born out of Heg Brignall's story-inspired songwriting. They create theatrical, original folk which draws inspiration from fairy tales and the twisted roots of Heg's family tree, taking the listener on a journey from Grimm’s fantastical forests, across the stormy Atlantic to the black, dangerous coal mines of Illinois and far beyond.

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Fri 17 Nov 2017

Live Music : Alden Patterson and Dashwood

Norwich based folk / Americana trio Alden, Patterson and Dashwood weave rich vocal harmonies, fiddle, dobro, guitar and mandolin around beautifully written original songs and melodies. The independently-released debut album ‘Call Me Home’ was written and produced at home in Norwich and is lovingly presented in attractive handmade covers, designed and hand-printed by the band. Their music takes influence from folk traditions from both sides of the Atlantic with uplifting instrumentals and self-penned songs depicting tales of young travellers, sleepy seas and their affection for home. They release their much-anticipated debut album ‘Call Me Home’ on 7th November 2016 with an accompanying UK tour.

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Fri 24 Nov 2017

Desert Island Picks : James Rock

James Rock is a creative entrepreneur, an innovator, provocateur, and photographer who eventually discovered his tribe in Hay. His wanderlust has led to many turns, and his music tracks the interesting  and funny periods and events in his life…

This event is free entry so make sure you get here nice and early to get a seat!

Community event 8.00pm
james rock
Fri 1 Dec 2017

Let's Get Quizzical

New questions, new wipeout round, MC Elle on the mic & free chips at half time. Get your thinking hats on!

Community event 8.00pm
Fri 8 Dec 2017

Live Music : The Flamenco Thief

Craig Sutton, the Flamenco Thief, plays Spanish acoustic guitar with the Boss RC loop pedal to blend modern rhythms with time-honoured Flamenco techniques.
Western, Eastern and African rhythms has allowed him to connect and build long lasting friendships with people all over the world.He has entertained crowds in Turkish parks, German kitchens, Serbian living rooms, Dutch hospitals, French chapels and so many more wonderfully unique locations.

flamenco thief ep
Fri 15 Dec 2017

Live Music : Red Ethel

We’re so excited to welcome back this much loved local band. You’ve seen them at Open Mic as Bushfold Blue here at the globe and this night is set to be a fabulous concoction folk, fabulous singing and beautiful melodies; a real treat for you local music lovers! New name, new music! 

Kate Hardy, Andy Thompson and Justin Preece.

Jazz/folk trio, haunting vocals, luscious harmonies, sublime guitars and rich double bass performing a variety of spine tingling original songs.

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