Friday Live

Fri 1 Oct 2021

Friday Live: The Meadows + Paul Lloyd Nicholas

Tickets £6 adv. / £8 OTD
Doors 8pm

Meet The Meadows: Melody, Fantasia, Harvey and Titania, a band with a bond. And a lot of dogs. The Meadows are a young and vibrant multi-instrumentalist Celtic-Crossover Folk band, all drawn from one family. The siblings’ second album ‘Dreamless Days’ is due for release on 24 September 2021 on Pokey Cupboard Records. These are perhaps the youngest ‘veterans’ in British music, their musical training was gleaned at scores of gigs all around the country from a very tender age augmented by Classical training with fantastic orchestral performers from all over the UK.The inspiration for the new record came from the enforced focus brought by lockdown. The band changed direction to write, record and produce an original album, working with the legendary Steve Balsamo on the song he contributed: 'Dream You Into Life’. The album was recorded at their home studio, affectionately known as ‘Pokey Cupboard Studios’. The inspiration for the album is dreams, faith, the landscape of Wales, old haunts, childhood memories, the changing world and their beloved dogs. Each has their own dog; Merry, Hugo, Eowyn and Gawain!Whilst The Meadows is truly a family affair, each member of the band brings something new and individual to the sound and the outlook. Melody plays flute, piano, violin, guitar, whistles, recorder, bodhrán and also sings. She often switches between instrument mid-song and usually dances simultaneously. She’s a keen cook and also does much of the band’s social media. Fantasia plays piano, violin and sings. She has a deep love of musical improvisation, and bringing together the classical and the contemporary. She teaches music and also loves literature. Harvey plays violin, piano, guitar, bodhrán and also sings. He’s the quiet one of the group and loves tennis, painting and baking. Titania is the lead vocalist, but also plays piano, violin, percussion and ocarina. She is a huge fan of musical theatre, writing and also the outdoors and dressing creatively in historically-inspired clothing!

Their debut album ‘Force Of The Tide’ delved into the seafaring heritage of the British Isles, ranging from the beautiful Welsh language maritime lullaby ‘Si Hei Lwli Mabi’ to reimagined sea shanties and uptempo instrumental tunes. ‘Force of the Tide’ was awarded Fatea Debut Album of the Year 2019 along with receiving a nomination for Best Album at the Sound Board Magazine Awards.

The Meadows’ understanding and closeness comes from familial ties, of course, but also from having been home-schooled by their creative and spiritual parents. ‘Dreamless Days’ is a melding of the old and the new; these are songs that draw inspiration from history, mythology, nature and everyday life. These themes come together with a joyous but easily worn musical virtuosity that weave between foot stomping reels to rich vocal harmonies. The Meadows specialise in making a connection and taking their audiences on a spellbinding journey: as ‘Dreamless Days’ proves, these siblings are in a field of their own…

"Such a beautiful recording, from such an unaffected band. And hugely, luminously talented too, of course... Don't let anyone change or spoil you. I imagine that is the last thing anyone could do... Transfixingly beautiful!”  - Adam Walton, BBC Radio Wales

The band has been showcased by Fatea Magazine as one of the best emerging U.K. Folk bands.  Force of the Tide has been awarded the ‘Debut Album of the Year’ in Fatea’s Annual Awards 2019 and was nominated for the 2019 Sound Board Magazine Awards among the top four artists from Wales in the ‘Best Album’ category.  

“Beautiful, absolutely gorgeous!”- Frank Hennessy, Celtic Heartbeat, BBC Radio Wales

After finishing the E.P. ‘Through the Fayre’, they toured theatres and concert venues across Great Britain with a self-produced original show, Celtic Journey, alongside the international soprano Kristyn Murphy who joined them from Maine.  During the tour, they performed live on television networks and BBC Radio Wales where listeners contacted the station to ask whether their performance really had been live.

The Meadows have twice played at Glasgow’s Celtic Connections, the International Music Eisteddfod in Llangollen, the Fishguard Folk Festival, How the Light Gets In, The Little Big Gig, Cardiff’s WMC and many other festivals and events along with regular airplay on national and international radio and T.V. networks.  A number of their works have debuted on BBC radio.  

Paul Lloyd Nicholas is a South Wales singer/songwriter whose albums 'Ariel' and 'Hold the Line' have been released to high critical acclaim. Paul has performed at Cardiff's Millennium Centre, the National Museum of Wales and at festivals and folk clubs across the UK and Europe. His songs are regularly played on radio stations as far afield as Australia and the USA and, of course, on the BBC. 

‘I thoroughly enjoy Paul’s approach to lyric storytelling.'- Harvey Andrews


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Fri 8 Oct 2021

Let's Get Quizzical

The popular 'Let's Get Quizzical' Quiz Night returns to The Globe!

Our new Quizmaster Karl Warn is on the mic testing your knowledge.

Entry is just £2 per person with teams of up to 4 people, and alongside the fun, winner takes the pot! 

The Quiz will start promptly at 7pm, with The Globe Kitchen's Menu available to order.


Community event 7.00pm
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Fri 22 Oct 2021

Friday Live: Old Sea Legs

Tickets £8 adv. / £10 OTD
Doors 8pm

Crawling with vivid imagery and colourful characters, a timeless tangle of tongue-twisting, brain-burrowing lyrics that can swing from a breathless barrage to a lilting lament – at times without a moments notice – ’Old Sea Legs’ is more than just a nom de guerre for Dublin songwriter and performer Ian Bermingham; it is a window into a world entirely of his own creation.

Best known for his time as frontman of Dublin quintet ‘The Eskies’, Bermingham has wasted no time in stepping into new, uncharted waters as a solo performer since the group’s sad demise in the latter half of 2019.

Displaying all of the storytelling nous and craft of the quintessential folk troubadour, the melodic ear of a pop pioneer and the lyrical largesse that has become so synonymous with Ian’s songwriting, ‘Old Sea Legs’ see’s the Dubliner push himself to new and exciting territories. 

Fri 3 Dec 2021

Friday Live: The People Versus

Tickets £6 adv. / £8 OTD
Doors 8pm

"The resulting sound is "Dreamy... it just pulls you in." - BBC Introducing

The People Versus are a Chamber Pop assemblage offering a new spin. Fronted by the core members of London troubadours, Five Fathoms Deep, the band re-formed in Oxford, joined by new faces and a powerhouse of harmonies. Their songs depict stories of love, loss & sea monsters sure to captivate you & keep you on your feet. Each song is taut with feeling and longing, as Alice channels dreams, thought, and love through a kaleidoscopic medium of Greek myth and tales from Shakespeare.


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Mon 7 Feb 2022

Keith James: Concert for a Changing World

Tickets £12
Doors 8pm

Unique and timeless songs of vision, question and change performed by Keith James 

Words that reverberate with the tenacity of human spirit in these current times of brooding disquiet, fractured societies and civil unrest. Songs that have changed history and moved millions of people to do things they never thought possible. Bob Dylan, Joan Baez, Paul Simon, Joni Mitchell, Cat Stevens, Nina Simone and Leonard Cohen. For this concert, the original living writers of each song have been asked to compose powerful brand new verses that stand proud in the 21st century against this current wave of crises.

Keith, a life-long devotee of emotional performance, approaches each song with fresh courage and passion and includes all of the new verses – chilling to listen to! 

"James clearly sees the danger of living in a post-truth, self-serving society, but sees hope too." -

Find more of Keith's work


Book tickets £12.00 8.00pm