Friday Live

Fri 13 Dec 2019

Friday Live: Celtic Marches Present: The Kilpecks + Support from Emi McDade

The Kilpecks sing fresh upbeat folk, with songs full of love and loss, revenge and revelry. They have performed at HowTheLightGetsIn Festival, Wessex Folk, Folk on the Quay, Beer on the Wye and their songs have aired on BBC Introducing. 

“The Kilpecks are a fantastic modern folk band. Excellent musically and vocally. A brilliant mix of traditional and upbeat modern folk. Everything modern British folk should be and more. The audience absolutely loved them!” - Celtic Marches 

 Collectively, The Kilpecks are ready to explore the sound and stories of the folk and roots music that make up this beautiful land. 

Support comes from singer-songwriter Emi McDade.

“It's not very often you can say that you've been swept off your feet or left swooning from the sheer power and raw emotion from an artist's songwriting or vocal presence"  - The Flux Presents

"Beautiful voice" - Nina Nesbitt; Jamie Theakston (Heart FM)

Tickets are £5 advance - cash only, available from the box office. 

Community event 8.00pm
Fri 20 Dec 2019

Friday Live: Christmas Village Quire

Lanterns Across the Snow with The Village Quire

Snow always fell on Christmas Eve, fat and soft as goose feathers, to lie like a quilt upon the ground all winter. That is what Frances remembers, now that she is old, at another Christmas time. A happy childhood is like a magic circle. Lit from within it throws a beam forwards into the present.

“Last night, the snow fell. And I began to remember. I remembered all the things that I had forgotten. Or so it seemed. But not forgotten after all. They were all there, stored away like treasures.”

Susan Hill’s mesmerising novel adapted for performance and interlaced with lovely old carols, rousing West Gallery anthems and delicate seasonal harmonies to melt the heart on even the coldest December night.

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Globe panel 7 30
Fri 3 Jan 2020

Let's Get Quizzical

The return of Let's Get Quizzical!

We are kicking of the New Year by testing your brains!

£2 entry per person. Winner takes the pot! 

Free chips at half time!

Community event 8.00pm
FillWyI4MDUiLCIzNTAiXQ quiz4
Fri 10 Jan 2020

Friday Live: The Dream Kollective

The Dream Kollective is a musical and artistic collaboration between Phoebe Curry, Gwyn Daggett and Kate Daggett. Exploring dreams and themes of the otherworldly and surreal through music and visuals.
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Fri 17 Jan 2020

Bright Field: Winter Edition

A quarterly night celebrating the start of each season in music and spoken word from the borders and beyond, curated by Guardian/Observer/Radio 3 journalist and broadcaster Jude Rogers

The inaugural Winter edition presents: Kathryn Williams & Michele Stodart (Magic Numbers) - Seasonal Musical Sisters.

Also featuring: Peiriant: Folk, Ice & Fire / Kirsty Bohata: Winter, Women & Wales / Weirdshire DJ's: Spectral Seasonal Sounds.

 Plus a special welcome by the wonderful BUSHEL BAG CAROLLERS...

Doors open 7:30pm.

Advance tickets available here

You can also pop in to the globe to purchase tickets in advance - £15 CASH ONLY!

Tickets are £20 on the door.

Community event 7.30pm
brightfield copy
Fri 24 Jan 2020

Friday Live: Mud On The Tyres

Mud On The Tyres, are a group of experienced musicians hailing from South Wales who were drawn together by a love of upbeat, fun, country style music.

So far they have had some great times at festivals, played some excellent venues and have been fortunate enough to win 2 days recording time at the amazing Rockfield Studios by winning the, “Battle of the Bands,” at the Rockfield Country Music Festival. They have focused on creating an atmosphere of fun with their music and performances to ensure they appeal to music lovers of all generations. It’s clear to see that making people tap their feet, dance and laugh at some of their lyrics makes for a slightly different night out than people expect. This, of course, doesn’t stop them writing more touching and melodic songs that clearly show the versatility of the band.

Their self produced 4 track E.P. “Going Home” tries to cover the main focus of the band, from fun lighthearted songs to touching heartfelt love songs and ballads. They have focused on creating an atmosphere of fun with their music and performances to ensure they appeal to music lovers of all generations. It’s clear to see that making people tap their feet, dance and laugh at some of their lyrics makes for a slightly different night out than people expect. This, of course, doesn’t stop them writing more touching and melodic songs that clearly show the versatility of the band.

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mad on the tyres
Fri 31 Jan 2020

Friday Live: Nuadha Quartet

"World jazz with an endearing Scots lilt, featuring strong themes, passionate sax and Jaco-style electric bass." The Independent.

Through playing together over the past three years Nuadha Quartet have established a wide-ranging approach to music yet still produce a distinctive ‘Nuadha’ sound. While the emphasis is on memorable tunes the band also draws influence from Brazilian, Moroccan and Gaelic cultures.

Based in the Welsh Borders, Nuadha Quartet was put together in 2016 by Colin Tully, composer of cult classic film, Gregory’s Girl and ex-John Martyn sideman, Chris Egan on tenor and soprano sax, Carles Riba on electric bass and Pedro Brown on drums and percussion. Brazilian rhythms, a shamelessly melodic approach with a dash of Celtic seasoning are blended to create an appetising jazz stew.

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Fri 7 Feb 2020

Friday Live: Luke De-Sciscio

Luke De-Sciscio is a UK singer-songwriter whose music sounds like it was transported from a different era of songwriting. Poetically intense and sonically intimate, his releases are recorded almost exclusively live. 

Luke's thirst for authenticity draws from the age old adage; 'the truth will set you free.' This mantra which underpins the entirety of his catalogue takes no fuller flight than on 2019's critically acclaimed 'Good Bye Folk Boy'. This 11 track journey was recorded sequentially over the space of 2 months, with each song being recorded on the day it was written.  Shortly after the digital release of 'Good Bye Folk Boy’, a collaboration between Vinyl Moon and Luke De-Sciscio was announced that will finally bring Luke De-Sciscio's music to vinyl.   

 ‘Good Bye Folk Boy” has received critical acclaim.  The Indie Folx awarded the album 4.3/5 stars describing 'Good Bye Folk Boy' as the epitome of the genre. We All Want Someone To Shout For championed the record claiming 'this is why we do what we do.' To pre-order the Good Bye Folk Boy album head to:

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Luke De Sciscio Gerry Hughs
Fri 14 Feb 2020

One World Performing Arts: TBC

OneWorld Performing Arts is a company designed to bring together a large variety of different acts to perform at festivals, wedding, and other ceremonies.

Artists announced soon!

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one world
Fri 21 Feb 2020

Friday Live: Langkamer

“What’s so immediately evident about Langkamer when they play live is just what good songwriters they are." Bristol in Stereo

The last true heroes of the old South West, Langkamer make good ol’ fashioned guitar music to get your toe nails twitching and your heart strings itching. With feel-good pop hits about things like mortality, anxiety and climate change, if you don’t dig Langkamer you’re probably a square. Or a narc. Or both.

As well as touring England and Sweden this summer, LK will be hitting the road this Autumn to launch their sophomore EP – ‘Getting The Band Back Together’, with the first single already released in the form of ‘Steel’. With a string of festivals and support slots under their belts, Langkamer are going from strength to strength, winning hearts wherever they go.

Book tickets £5.00 8.00pm
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Fri 28 Feb 2020

Friday Live: Ji & the Rainbirds

“Expect summer vibes and tales from the open road.” — BRISTOL 24/7

Ji and the Rainbirds combine the summer sound of soul with jazz-inflected guitar, skiffle drums, soaring strings and up-beat catchy melodies.

With a heartfelt sincerity and an ability to both draw and crowd in and get them dancing, Claire Ji’s songs tell tales from the open road with positive stories of human connection and the reasons we keep living.

After a busy summer of festivals in 2019, they have recently released their debut single Old Eyes, with an EP release set for autumn 2019.

“Up-beat singer-songwriter with a soulful twist...her joyous stage presence will lift your spirits.”— Festival Di Paladini, Italy


Book tickets £5.00 8.00pm
ji and the rain birds
Fri 13 Mar 2020

Friday Live: Katy Hurt

“One of the most exciting prospects on the burgeoning country scene” - Paul Sexton: BBC Radio 2

“incredible vocals, slick guitar work, excellent rhythm and – most importantly - superb songs” with “raw talent seeping through each track” - Maverick Magazine

Katy Hurt has rapidly become a leading light on the UK Country-Americana scene. 2018 saw her receive a nomination for “Best Country/Folk Act” at the Unsigned Music Awards as well as performing festival slots at Country 2 Country, BlackDeer, Rhythmtree, Cornbury and many more. Katy Hurt is one of those rare talents that can write and perform with equal impact. 

“Hurt’s voice combines Dolly Parton’s twang and Beth Ditto’s soul” - Roland Monger

Katy spent 2017 and 2018 performing at 100+ shows each year around the country since the launch of her EP “Pieces of Me” and highly praised singles from her recently released EP “Unfinished Business, with songs impressing fans by combining the honest lyrical content of country with riffs and haunting vocals.

Katy’s performance at The Pilton Party, highly praised by Michael Eavis, introduced crowds to her latest singles displaying great crossover potential into the rock, pop and blues genres.

Book tickets £5.00 8.00pm
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Fri 20 Mar 2020

The Harcourt Players

The Harcourt Players are a duo that play live music whilst you watch classic movies from the silent movie era.
They use an array of instruments to bring films to life, usually performing along side of the screen when possible.
In 2020 The Harcourt Players are going to be touring with the cult classic film NOSFERATU, F.W Murnaw's 1922  much loved movie.
They will be once again using an array of instruments and playing their own self composed  music live while audiences enjoy this wonderful movie.
Instruments used - electric and acoustic guitars, harmonicas, sampler and numerous percussion instruments.
The duo will be bringing a very modern approach to this 1922 film, creating eerie, joyous or scary soundscapes where ever needed.
This is the duos 3rd film show having started in 2018 with Buster Keaton and Charlie Chaplin films and then 2019 with Laurel and Hardy and Buster Keaton films,
These where also the duos own brand new original scores this time using acoustic instruments only, guitar,banjo,harmonicas and percussion.
Doors open 7pm / Film starts 8pm.
Tickets are £6 advance and £8 on the door - CASH ONLY!
Community event 7.00pm