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Sat 3 Jul 2021

Coltrane Dedication

Tickets £8 adv. / £10 OTD
Doors 8pm

The Coltrane Dedication Quintet is a collective of Welsh musicians who recognise the emotional power of the later music of John Coltrane and use those compositions as their own springboard for creating a powerful, engaging, impassioned communication through improvised music. This is no “tribute band”, Coltrane Dedication is about taking the spirit of that great movement in music between 1960 and 1967 and laying it out in a 21st century context, pulling us all endlessly into the future.

Taking the music of John Coltrane and pushing on, riding on his wake - The 'Coltrane Dedication’ quintet is known for its intense, spirited, emotional playing. From upbeat energetic standard forms such as "Mr P.C.", emotionally charged contemplative modal pieces such as the "Love Supreme suite", and free blowing creations of later period 'Trane. Always a guaranteed evening of energy and passion.

“The free-wheeling Coltrane Dedication quintet, a fluid unit stretching out even further on Coltrane tunes than JC himself did, in the company of a pool of leading musicians drawn from the South Wales jazz scene and beyond” – Ian Mann,