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Sat 17 Oct 2020

Saturday Shenanigans: Junior Bill

Tickets £6 advance / £8 OTD
Doors 8pm

At first glance Junior Bill’s set is a joyous high-energy conga of skanking world music and new wave pop delivered with perfect exuberance by a terrific band. A guaranteed good time. On closer inspection though, frontman Rob Nichols’ songs about resentful mortgage payers, toothless care home dwellers, lost asylum seekers and clueless high street urchins actually tell sad stories about the worried state of the nation and it’s mistrustful inhabitants as we drift inevitably towards our post Brexit fate. 

Musically eclectic, they reference reggae, laced with snips of soul, hi life and hip hop as well as punk and indie. In their shows they build a cohesive backdrop from these disparate elements with carefully crafted setlists that frequently change the mood from shouty singalongs to soulful sadness and back.


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