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Wed 4 Apr 2018

#woodcutwednesday at the globe

John Watson @johnwatsonprintmaker gives a demonstration and introduction to printing using woodcut blocks. John's previous talk on Lino-cutting was one of the highlights of last year's Bookstagram event. 

Community event 9.30am
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Wed 4 Apr 2018

The History of the Book presented by Bangor University

Leafing Through the History of the Book.

The Stephen Colclough Centre for the History and Culture of the Book at Bangor University invites you to join us in a day of celebration of the book. Our Centre's purpose is twofold: to enhance and broaden our understanding of the book's place within cultural, social and economic practices, and to develop our understanding of the material book as cultural commodity, conveyor of knowledge, and object of desire. Using from within our University library, we will consider how books cross borders, as we leaf through the history of the book. 

12pm-4pm (Lunch included 1pm-2pm)

Community event 12.00pm
Bangor Scholarships SP
Wed 4 Apr 2018

Poetry and Story-Telling by Anne Lister Part 2

The Whole Tale of Jauffre Part Two. This tale of high adventure and true love has been told and re-told many times since it was written in the 12th or 13th century, but not often in English! In celebration of Hay's Independence this will be told over two sessions. This is the second session but can be picked up easily. 

Community event 4.30pm
anne lister2
Wed 4 Apr 2018

Talk: 'Life and Books' by Local Hero Major Chris Hunter

Major Chris Hunter is a Bomb Disposal Specialist, Writer and motivational speaker. Hunter had ‘The world’s most dangerous job, in the world’s most dangerous place‘. He joined the Army aged 16 and trained to be a Russian linguist and intelligence operator. He was later commissioned from Sandhurst and re-trained as a bomb disposal technician. For over fourteen years Hunter had served in the Balkans, East Africa, Northern Ireland, Colombia and Afghanistan, but Iraq was different. Roadside bombs and constant rocket attacks were a part of his daily life in Iraq. Chris and his team were very successful at disabling the insurgent’s devices, but their success came at a price. The bombers placed a bounty on Hunter’s head and also started designing bombs specifically for him. For his actions during his Iraq tour, Chris Hunter was awarded the Queen’s Gallantry Medal. During the July 2005 London bombings, Hunter played a key role being seconded to COBRA as a suicide terrorism expert. Since retiring from the army as the MOD’s senior IED intelligence analyst, Chris has worked as a counter-terrorism consultant. He has trained members of the U.S. Department of Defence and provides specialist security consultancy services around the world. He is also a best-selling author of non-fiction titles including: Eight Lives Down and Extreme Risk.Hunter has also co-written two teenage novels with children's writer Steve Cole.The first Tripwire was published in April 2010, and its sequel, Deathwing was published in July 2011. Chris Hunter is a Pseudonym. He will talk about translating his work into two highly successful and readable works of non-fiction.


Community event 8.30pm
Major Chris Hunter