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Mon 2 Apr 2018

Catherine Barr Workshop

Catherine Barr presents a workshop for children ages 6+ based on her latest book 'Red Alert'. Pick a place, choose a creature and help save it! From scaly pangolins to slippery snakes and cuddly pandas; local non-fiction author, Catherine Parr will share stories of creatures fighting to survive. Discover how scientists are saving our most endangered species from extinction and what YOU can do to help. 

Community event 10.30am
Red Alert copy
Mon 2 Apr 2018

The National Hay-on-Wye U12 Croquet Competition

Refereed by the Red Queen with coaching techniques and other nonsense provided by Alice and Wonderland and The Mad Hatter! Prizes include Hay Vouchers, Books and Chocolate!

In the Globe garden - FREE

 Followed by... 'A Moveable Feats' presents The Mad Hatter's Tea Party at the Parish Hall 3pm-5pm.


Community event 1.00pm
Mon 2 Apr 2018

Meet Hay's Most Local Publishers: Folklore of the Hay area

Andrew Johnson and Richard Wheeler of Logaston Press launch their new edition of Ella Mary Leather's The Folklore of  Herefordshire which includes a new biography of the author. They talk about the book and its author and also explore other local lore including Maud Walbee and some surprising details relating to the Hound of the Baskervilles. 

Community event 2.00pm