Fri 27 May 2022

Wild World Festival

Inviting families to come and experience the wide range of workshops and performance with something for everyone. Discover your inner author, make a native American drum, release your singing voice with sacred chants, connect to the elementals through water and fire, find the secret artist within, dance ecstatically, be moved by heart opening songs, jump up and down with high energy bands, feel the depth of the breath through Qi gong breath and movement, Expand through a Cacao ceremony or Shamanic journey, listen to a Irish myth around the fire, find your earth feet through Dubs sounds, listen to the wisdom of wildlife rescuers. Be the innovator of your own individual creative desires, to unfurl the wonderful unique intricacy's of our souls deepest expression through the many images of a living, breathing creative being. Raising the vibration into fully embodying an empowered manifestation of ourselves. Free to express and be who we are meant to be.

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Community event 9.00am
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