Fri 20 Mar 2020

The Harcourt Players

The Harcourt Players write and perform their own, contemporary score for classic silent movies from the early 1900s. With you, the audience focusing on a brilliant and captivating showing of F.W. Murnau's 1922 cult-classic NOSFERATU, with our musicians are weaving a wonder of sounds, incorporating a variety of musical styles and influences.
A soundtrack can fortify a love scene or add tension to a chase, make the jocular just that bit more hilarious with this event's live music performed using a plethora of instruments including guitar, banjo, mandolin, harmonicas and a variety of percussion as well as a sampler. The duo will be bringing a very modern approach to this 1922 film, creating eerie, joyous or scary soundscapes.
Doors 7PM / Film starts 8PM
Tickets: £6 advance and £8 OTD (P.S we are only accepting cash on the door for this event)
Community event 7.00pm
nosferatu hi res