Fri 14 Feb 2020

One World Performing Arts

OneWorld Performing Arts is a company designed to bring together a large variety of different acts to perform at festivals, wedding, and other ceremonies.

Michael Stanton ~ Jenny Bliss ~ Nathan Lewis Williams

From Bristol, Michael Stanton sings songs in honour of the living earth. Rather than a performance, his music is firmly rooted in prayer inspired by various mystical traditions of the world which carried by his beautiful soulful guitar playing. 

"Inspired by love for nature and ancestral wisdom, Michael's soulful music offers a sincere voice to the heart of the world... ​A sound reminiscent of the folk Traditions of CelticEurope and Armenia, Brazil and Native America, Zimbabwe and West Africa; a sound to remind uswe are all connected in this great mystery of life."

Described as a 'natural phenomenon' by her professor at Guildhall, Jenny Bliss went on to study ancient music at the prestigious Den Haag conservatorium, where she discovered her love of improvisation. A virtuoso in 17th century music, she has toured the world collaborating with leading jazz and classical musicians, and with award winning vocal group the Mediaeval Baebes. She loves to write songs about her mystical experiences in Avalon and accompany herself on the viola da gamba, lute and baroque guitar. 

"The viola de gamba of Jenny Bliss creates a subtle sense of exotic otherworldiness" - Mojo Magazine

Deeply immersed in folk music from all corners of the UK, and no doubt beyond, Nathan Lewis Williams is sure to entrance and entertain as he weaves rhythm and melody that goes straight to the soul.Nathan is a bilingual (Welsh and English) folk musician, known in Glastonbury for running the Fabulous Furry Folk Nights and for musical appearances with various groups including Dragonsfly and Circulus, as well as playing on both St David's and St George's Days with his trove of traditional songs and tunes.

Tickets are £15 and are available here OR from the globe box office CASH ONLY!

Community event 7.00pm
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