Fri 31 Jan 2020

Friday Live: Nuadha Quartet

"World jazz with an endearing Scots lilt, featuring strong themes, passionate sax and Jaco-style electric bass." The Independent.

Through playing together over the past three years Nuadha Quartet have established a wide-ranging approach to music yet still produce a distinctive ‘Nuadha’ sound. While the emphasis is on memorable tunes the band also draws influence from Brazilian, Moroccan and Gaelic cultures.

Based in the Welsh Borders, Nuadha Quartet was put together in 2016 by Colin Tully, composer of cult classic film, Gregory’s Girl and ex-John Martyn sideman, Chris Egan on tenor and soprano sax, Carles Riba on electric bass and Pedro Brown on drums and percussion. Brazilian rhythms, a shamelessly melodic approach with a dash of Celtic seasoning are blended to create an appetising jazz stew.

Book tickets £7.00 8.00pm