Sat 7 Dec 2019

Saturday Shenanigans: Jack Mac's Funk Pack

Drawing influence from both New Orleans and traditional funk artists, Jack Mac’s Funk Pack is making a strong presence felt in the South Wales and South West England music scenes.  Featuring a line up of talented musicians, the music is an eclectic mixture of melodic tunes, grooving rhythms and soulful harmonies, which demonstrates the full capacity of the band’s abilities.  The Funk Pack is continuously looking to innovate and expand it’s repertoire and sound using both new and old sources of inspiration.
Every gig is a party, especially when the Funk Pack is out in full force! Their purpose is to bring the thunder to the dance floor with horn bells ringing, bass drums swinging, the building rocking from side to side and the people dancing with it. Be sure not to miss out on the spectacular entertainment produced by the Funk Pack.
Book tickets £7.00 8.00pm