Fri 4 Oct 2019


Hay NAWR #3
Angharad Davies
C. Joynes
newCELF : FLUXUS2019
Y Pregethwr
DJ: Lief van der Baan

Drwsiau / Doors 7.30PM - £5 (Cash only, tickets available on the door)


NAWR (meaning NOW in Welsh) is a new multidisciplinary concert series in Swansea of experimental music,
free improvisation, film, lo-fi, free jazz, sound art, alternative folk and new music, which is convened by
Rhodri Davies, Jenn Kirby, Rose Linn-Pearl and Dan Linn-Pearl and Daryl Feehely.
“The aim is to offer an open and reflective space for an audience to experience new music
in a welcoming and intimate setting."

Mae NAWR yn gyfres o gyngherddau amlddisgyblaeth yn Abertawe o gerddoriaeth arbrofol, byrfyfyr rhydd,
ffilm, lo-fi, jazz rhydd, celf sain, cerddoriaeth werin a cherddoriaeth newydd, a gynullir gan Rhodri Davies,
Jenn Kirby, Rose Linn-Pearl and Dan Linn-Pearl, a Daryl Feehely.
"Y nod yw cynnig lle agored a myfyriol i gynulleidfa brofi cerddoriaeth newydd mewn lleoliad croesawgar ac

Angharad Davies
Angharad Davies is a Welsh violinist working with free-improvisation, compositions and performance. Her
approach to sound involves attentive listening and exploring beyond the sonic confines of her instrument, her
classical training and performance expectation.
She has released records on Absinth Records, Another Timbre, Potlatch and Confrontrecords. Her album
Ffansion | Fancies was voted in the top 12 albums for Radio 3's Late Junction.

C. Joynes
Over the last decade, C Joynes has ploughed a singular furrow through solo guitar, with a body of work
incorporating English folk-tunes alongside North & West African music, and lifting proto-minimalist and
improvised techniques from the European classical tradition.
“As much Conlon Nancarrow and Ali Farka Toure as Blind Lemon Jefferson, the compositional mind at work
here can take apparently disparate threads of modernism and ethnic tradition and treat them as though they
were all archaic blues styles learnt from dusty 78s.”

newCELF : FLUXUS 2019
newCELF are a Cardiff-based multidisciplinary art events organisation who pair modern classics with new
commissions. During 2019 they have been championing the 1960s performance art Fluxus. Exploration of
early Fluxus works led to a call for works, the submissions of which will be toured around Wales in
September. The aim of the project is to highlight the legacy and continuing relevance of Fluxus in relation to
practising artists across a variety of fields.
newCELF will present a selection of works as part of their FLUXUS2019 project.

Y Pregethwr


Community event 7.00pm
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