Sat 20 Jul 2019

Saturday Shenanigans: Junior Bill + support from Jakey Boy Hughes

Junior Bill’s streetwise sound is both refreshingly youthful and politically mature. The young Cardiff five piece’s songs brim with witty playground limericks and latin melodies so catchy they distract you from the tragic subtexts of division, decline and gentrification.

The music is hugely danceable too. Dubby basslines and concrete grooves underpin a dub-soaked global-local collage of sound. It's a blend that makes them the natural torch-bearers of a vein of Jamaican-influenced British songwriting running from Jerry Dammers to Jamie T.

Since meeting in their local community centre at the tilt of their teenage years, they have grown from youth club loiterers into electric and brilliant showmen, delighting crowds up and down the country. After touring with Danny Goffey of Supergrass fame, gaining the support of BBC Radio Wales and winning a Cardiff Music Award, the Bill are ready to take their poignant, vital and honest music to the world.

Book tickets £9.00 8.00pm
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