Thu 30 May 2019

Film Screening & Open Discussion: WitchHunt

WitchHunt: The attempt to smash the most hopeful movement of our lifetime

Through interviews, analysis, archive footage and witness testimony, WitchHunt explores the connections between the attacks on Labour, the ongoing tragedy Palestine and the wider struggle against race-based oppression. It argues that, if it is to mean anything at all, the fight against racism must be a shared one, that includes all peoples.  

Jon Pullman, director / Naomi Wimborne-Idrissi, executive producer.

"Anyone who speaks or writes in the public domain about antisemitism and the current state of the Labour Party has a duty to see this film and address the issues it raises." - Avi Shlaim, historian. 

"This impeccably- executed film exposes with chilling accuracy the terrifying threat that now confronts democracy, and the depressing intractability of the Israel-Palestine situation" - Mike Leigh (Peterloo, Mr Turner).

"It packs a powerful punch, telling a story we just aren't hearing at the moment." - Peter Kosminsky (Wolf Hall, The Promise).

Film starts at 8pm, followed by an open discussion of Q & A's.

Special Guests include: Jon Pullman, the director, Naomi Wimborne-Idriss, executive producer, and Jackie Walker, the main protagonist in the Film, who will all be answering questions and taking part in the discussion afterwards. 

Tickets are just £6, buy yours here!

Community event 8.00pm