Fri 28 Sep 2018

Friday Live: Swing Caravan

**CANCELLED** Unfortunately due to band illness this gig has been cancelled. All ticket holders can ring us on 01497 821 762 or pop into the globe for refund


The Swing Caravan is a musical adventure brought to you by the great tradition of Gypsy Jazz, where Django classics meet original swing interpretations.

Against a backdrop of steam-train rhythms and smooth basslines, The Swing Caravan bring together roaring guitars and an enchanting clarinet to create a foot-tappingly infectious sound. Throughout a repertoire that moves seamlessly from cool to big band to gypsy, their only goal is to double the tempo and keep the beat hot. 

“One of the tightest groups on the circuit. Their creativity knows no bounds and their energy is contagious.” - ‘Norwich, Fine City Music’

"Stunning musicianship and charming melodies" – BBC Cambridgeshire

Community event 8.00pm
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