Fri 24 Aug 2018

Friday Live: Sheek Quartet

Vocalist Sarah Meek and pianist Guy Shotton are two rising stars of the UK jazz scene. A wide variety of influences combine in their readings of tunes from the Great American Songbook. Fresh, classical suffused arrangements of standards and borrowed melodies from the works of Debussy and Ravel rub shoulders with interpretations of Chick Corea and Kenny Kirkland compositions.

Popular vocalist Sarah Meek has a keen interest in travel and has performed in venues around the UK and abroad.  Guy Shotton has also performed in many venues at home and abroad, including the Middle East and the USA.  As well as performing, Guy has worked as Assistant Musical Director with the Bristol Hippodrome Choir.

The pair have developed a strong musical relationship over three years of working together and have recently formed the Quartet with RWCMD drummer Alex Goodyear and London bassist Nick Kacal.


Book tickets £7.00 8.00pm
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