Thu 5 Apr 2018

Talks: #thrillerthursday at the globe

2. "I am not your friend, I am your conscience." Paul Harrison, the Serial Killer Profiler in conversation with PSCO, Helen Scott, our much believed hay Community Police Officer. Sponsored by The Swan At Hay - 2.00pm. I've looked evil in the eye, I recognise it now, as it does me! I've found the darker side of humanity lurking everywhere.  I've communicated with serial killers and murderers of all types and denominations, asking the kind of probing questions that make them squirm, helping depict a unique profile of what makes them tick. I'm ready to tell the basis of those experiences in my stories. Everything will come from true to life situations that have been encountered.  I've spent decades confronting the minds of real life monsters, serial killers and paedophiles, gaining an incredible insight into what makes them tick. You've been warned, buckle yourself in, as you'll be going on a journey you're unlikely to ever forget!

Presented by @dumbwitnesses Sahiba Sethi

Community event 2.30pm