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Tue 20 Mar 2018

Children's Chess Club

Every Tuesday - All abilities welcome!

For more info please contact Drew on 07714767779 or email:

Community event 4.15pm
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Tue 20 Mar 2018


The globemakers are an established, informal craft group that meet one Tuesday a month in our Lower Gallery. Over the years they have tackled a number of projects, including crochet, mosaic, printmaking, patchwork, festive decorations, glass painting decoupage and more.. Members are most welcome to bring their own ongoing projects, and share their new ideas and methods with the group. The sessions are free (bringing your own materials is necessary) but occasionally a £2 maximum charge may be made for specialised materials provided. Any interested new members to our friendly and informal gathering are warmly welcome!

Get in touch: 

Community event 7.30pm
globe mker3
Tue 20 Mar 2018

Open Mic

Our Open Mic nights attract a wealth of talent. We see a variety of performances, including spoken word, poetry, comedy and all types of music. Come along to enjoy the night as an audience member or sign up with Chris to perform on the night!


Community event 8.00pm
open mic11
Thu 22 Mar 2018

Philosophy Cafe

Philosophy Cafe is an informal group which offers the chance to discuss philosophical issues. Whether you're an expert on Cartesian dualism or you simple have a new found interest in philosophical thought, come along! The club runs every other Thursday. For more info contact:


Community event 7.00pm
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Thu 22 Mar 2018

Greenpeace Talk

Informal meeting of local activists and supporters to discuss campaigns and how we can get involved in bringing about major environmental victories. Anyone who cares about the natural world and our future is welcome.

For more info, please email

Community event 7.30pm
Fri 23 Mar 2018

Friday Live: Hannah Solly & Tom Hughes

Vocalist Hannah Solly and Pianist Tom Hughes are a duo from Herefordshire.

Hannah is a graduate from Dance College, London - a specialist commercial dance college in the UK where she studied a wide range of dance genres and performing arts skills. She now works in Hereford as a dance teacher.

Tom is a multi-instrumentalist and composer who studied music teaching, music performing and music therapy. He manages his own music business and is principal at the Rubato Music Academy in Hereford.

The duo met in 2014 and together they deliver unique and intimate arrangements of popular music spanning the decades. Their wide variety of influences produce a fresh sound appealing to any ear!

tom hughe
Sat 24 Mar 2018

Saturday Shenanigans: Richard Navarro

Richard Navarro presents R!CHES

Returning to the Globe for the second year, Richard Navarro brings his new project - and a brand new set of infectious, thought-provoking songs - to the Globe.

R!CHES  - featuring Richard Navarro and fellow multi-instrumentalist Nicholas Thurston - make joyful and often euphoric music inspired by experiences of hardship and hope. Expect a live music show packed with feats of vocal and instrumental virtuosity and fresh, popular songwriting at its best. With recent guest spots and collaborations including Joan Armatrading ("finely-crafted"), Lemn Sissay ("genius") and Imelda May ("fantastic"), such praise is well-earned, with the duo impressing new music audiences across the UK and Europe in recent months and tracks from their 2018 EP such as For The Moment and Winner beginning to feature on playlists both here and across the world.

"Staggeringly talented" Charlie Andrew (BRIT Awards Producer of the Year 2016)





12392 richard navarro
Sun 25 Mar 2018

Lego Club

Lego Club happens every Sunday. Come along all ages welcome, including parents!


Community event 11.00am
Tue 27 Mar 2018

Science Cafe

Science Cafe is a group meeting on the 4th Tuesday of every month. Each time they look at a specific topic, or chat about science in the news. 

For more info contact: science


Community event 7.00pm
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Tue 27 Mar 2018

Open Mic

Our Open Mic nights attract a wealth of talent. We see a variety of performances, including spoken word, poetry, comedy and all types of music. Come along to enjoy the night as an audience member or sign up with Chris to perform on the night!


Community event 8.00pm
open mic12
Fri 30 Mar 2018

Desert Island Picks : Tom Bullough

We warmly welcome Tom to the globe to kick off Independence Week with Desert Island Picks! Amongst other things, Tom has worked as a journalist, a sawmiller, a screenwriter, a tractor driver, a T-shirt salesman and a Zimbabwean music promoter and he will he here to share his life experiences and reveal his favourite tracks of his years. Hosted by Ollie Balch. 

Community event 8.00pm
Tom Bullough
Sat 31 Mar 2018

Meet a Hay Bookseller

A panel of Hay Booksellers discuss how they became booksellers, what brought them to Hay, what changes they have seen in Hay, what they specialise inane some highlights and lowlights of their bookselling careers. Chaired by Joshua Green of Green Ink Booksellers. The panel includes Derek Addyman of Addyman Books, Judith Gardner of The Children's Bookshop, Pat Thornton of Richard Booth's. These three have over 120 years' combined experience of selling books in Hay. 

Community event 11.00am
Sat 31 Mar 2018

The Inaugural Richard Booth Lecture

Jeff Towns the famous Welsh bookseller and universally known as "The Dylan Thomas Guy" gives the first in a series of talks by Booksellers. Jeff has been selling secondhand and antiquarian books from his base in Swansea for over 40 years.

Look out for his famous book bus that will be parked in the Castle Grounds over the Bank Holiday Weekend!


Community event 3.00pm
Jeff Towns
Sat 31 Mar 2018

Meet a Welsh Publisher

Richard Davies of Parthian Books talks about the challenges of publishing in Wales in the 21st Century. Parthian is one of the leading Welsh publishers, set up 25 years ago with a loan from the Prince's Youth Business Trust to publish one book, Work, Sex and Rugby, it has become a touchstone for the best in contemporary Welsh writing. One of its founders, Richard Davies reflects on adventures in the publishing world. Books published by Parthian will be available for sale over the weekend.  

Community event 5.00pm
welsh publisher
Sat 31 Mar 2018

Saturday Shenanigans: Jally Kebba Susso + Band!

If there is one name to look out for in 2018 in African funk music it is Jally Kebba Susso and his band Manding Sabu.

The kora is the traditional harp of the griot of West Africa and Jally Kebba was born and raised into 74 generations of this Gambian musical heritage. But he is not your ordinary griot.

Forging a new trajectory of sound for the West African harp, Jally Kebba skilfully blends the traditional repertoire into his own heady-jazz concoction that is immediately accessible and uplifting and yet filled with nuances and intoxicating rhythmical layers that give the music depth and intrigue.

Raised in a household of musicians, Jally Kebba was exposed to incredible musicianship from a very early age and under the guidance of his father Bully Suso, a very well-respected kora player and his elder brothers by 13 he was touring internationally across Europe.

He honed his own sound over years of experimentation on the London underground scene since 2002 when he relocated to UK. In 2007 he formed his band Manding Sabu and has since released two albums of original compositions - Banjul-London (2017) and Malaye Warr (2012) and gigged extensively.

Expect an electric stage show. With ease and confidence, this band connects. Precision, speed and a merciless energy characterise their performance style making them solid crowd-pullers at festivals such as Wilderness, Shambala and Secret Garden Party in UK. Songs are sung in Mandika and are songs of praise and love and are a timely call for togetherness and solidarity, palpable to all language speakers.

If you enjoy afrobeat and funk, and need a good dance session, you’ll find yourself in good company - to experience the kora as you’ve never seen it before.

Email Website Twitter Facebook Instagram @JallyK @jallyk.mandingsabu @jallykebbasusso 

Sun 1 Apr 2018

Easter Egg Hunt!

Easter Egg Hunt around the globe garden - supported by Alice in Wonderland Actors.

All ages welcome !

Community event 9.30am
easter egg hunt3
Sun 1 Apr 2018

The Bookseller's Breakfast

A Lavish Buffet Breakfast £10 a head. Meet up with other booklovers and share hints on how to take photos using food, books and hot drinks. 

@addymanbooks will provide appropriate books which can also be purchased. Booking preferred - please call 01497 821 762

Community event 10.00am
breakfast brunch
Sun 1 Apr 2018

Lego Club

Lego Club happens every Sunday. Come along all ages welcome, including parents!


Community event 11.00am
Sun 1 Apr 2018

'A Honeybee Heart has Five Openings'

Helen Jukes previews her book 'A Honeybee Heart has Five Openings' which will be published in July 2018.

'This book has found a special place in my heart. It’s as strange, beautiful and unexpected, as precise and exquisite in its movings, as bees in a hive. I loved it'HELEN MACDONALD, author of H IS FOR HAWK.

‘An intimate exploration of the heart and home, and a tantalising glimpse into an alien culture. A brave and delicate book, rich and fascinating’ Nick Huntauthor of Where the Wild Winds Are

Community event 11.30am
Sun 1 Apr 2018

Botanical Gin Workshop

Run by Adele Nozedar. Learn how to make your own flavoured gin - all ingredients provided. This workshop is limited to only 30 participants so please book as early as possible to avoid disappointment. 

Tickets are £21.50 and are available through or from Eighteen Rabbit in Lion Street. 

Community event 12.30pm
gin workshop
Sun 1 Apr 2018

Monster Workshop : Zoe Sadler

Zoe Sadler, creator of 'Mysteries of the Deep' colouring book and 'The Light House Keeper' will be here! Zoe will read her children's book, 'The Lighthouse Keeper'. Will the fishing boat in the story be saved by the beam of the lighthouse or will the little boat meet a fishy end? After the book reading, why not stay and find out more about Zoe's new monster project and draw your very own monster. Zoe sends her little monster creations to all her friends! Why don't you send one to a friend too?

Community event 3.00pm
Zoe Sadler
Sun 1 Apr 2018

Talk : "The Welshness of Edward Thomas"

Dr. Andrew Webb, lecturer in English Literature at Bangor University talks with Welsh Bookseller Jeff Towns about their new book on the Welshness of Edward Thomas. 

Jeff Towns is one of the world's leading Dylan Thomas experts. An antiquarian bookseller by trade, based in the poet's home of Swansea, Jeff was originally known, both locally and globally, as 'Jess the Books'. He is now known simply, affectionately and professionally as 'The Dylan Thomas Guy'. Dr. Andrew Webb and he have felt  the Welsh traditions found in the work of the country life writer and poet Edward Thomas have been unfairly ignored especially last year which marked one hundred years since the death of Thomas in Arras. 

Community event 4.00pm
dr andrew webb
Sun 1 Apr 2018

Meet a Welsh Publisher : Penny Thomas of Firefly Press

Firefly Press, based in Cardiff and Aberystwyth was set up five years ago this April to publish quality fiction for 5-19 year olds. Though celebrating their fifth birthday Firefly has already had some resounding successes including two Carnegie Prize nominations by Horatio Clare and Rhian Ivory and short-listed for The Laugh Out Loud Book Awards with 'Thimble Monkey Super Star' by Jon Blake. Penny will talk about the process of getting a children's book published, what a publisher is looking for, how the editing process works and will answer questions from the audience. Firefly books will be available for purchase during the weekend. 



Community event 5.30pm
Mon 2 Apr 2018

Catherine Barr Workshop

Catherine Barr presents a workshop for children ages 6+ based on her latest book 'Red Alert'. Pick a place, choose a creature and help save it! From scaly pangolins to slippery snakes and cuddly pandas; local non-fiction author, Catherine Parr will share stories of creatures fighting to survive. Discover how scientists are saving our most endangered species from extinction and what YOU can do to help. 

Community event 10.30am
Red Alert copy
Mon 2 Apr 2018

The National Hay-on-Wye U12 Croquet Competition

Refereed by the Red Queen with coaching techniques and other nonsense provided by Alice and Wonderland and The Mad Hatter! Prizes include Hay Vouchers, Books and Chocolate!

In the Globe garden - FREE

 Followed by... 'A Moveable Feats' presents The Mad Hatter's Tea Party at the Parish Hall 3pm-5pm.


Community event 1.00pm
Mon 2 Apr 2018

Meet Hay's Most Local Publishers: Folklore of the Hay area

Andrew Johnson and Richard Wheeler of Logaston Press launch their new edition of Ella Mary Leather's The Folklore of  Herefordshire which includes a new biography of the author. They talk about the book and its author and also explore other local lore including Maud Walbee and some surprising details relating to the Hound of the Baskervilles. 

Community event 2.00pm
Tue 3 Apr 2018

The Gentle Art of Penguin Book Collecting

Presented by Megan Prince and David Jackson. Megan Prince has owned The Ironbridge Bookshop since 2014. She specialises in Penguin Books and her shop houses a huge array of Penguin both old and new. She is herself a keen collector and a member of the Penguin Collectors Society. David Jackson has been collecting Penguins since the early 1980s and has a personal collection of over 2,000 first edition Penguins, specialising in the first 10 years of Penguin production 1935-1945. He has been a member of the Penguin Collectors Club since 1990 and by coincidence bought one of the scarcest Penguins, 'Biggles Flies Again' from Addyman Books in Hay!

Community event 1.15pm
penguin alamy 2381725b
Tue 3 Apr 2018

Poetry and Story-telling by Anne Lister

The Whole Tale of Jauffre - Part 1. This tale of high adventure and true love has been told and re-told many times since it was written in the 12th or 13th century, but not often in English! In celebration of Hay's Independence this will be told over two sessions. The second session is at the same time on Wednesday 4th April.



Community event 4.30pm
anne lister
Tue 3 Apr 2018

Open Mic

Our Open Mic nights attract a wealth of talent. We see a variety of performances, including spoken word, poetry, comedy and all types of music. Come along to enjoy the night as an audience member or sign up with Chris to perform on the night!

Community event 8.00pm
open mic13
Wed 4 Apr 2018

#woodcutwednesday at the globe

John Watson @johnwatsonprintmaker gives a demonstration and introduction to printing using woodcut blocks. John's previous talk on Lino-cutting was one of the highlights of last year's Bookstagram event. 

Community event 9.30am
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Wed 4 Apr 2018

The History of the Book presented by Bangor University

Leafing Through the History of the Book.

The Stephen Colclough Centre for the History and Culture of the Book at Bangor University invites you to join us in a day of celebration of the book. Our Centre's purpose is twofold: to enhance and broaden our understanding of the book's place within cultural, social and economic practices, and to develop our understanding of the material book as cultural commodity, conveyor of knowledge, and object of desire. Using from within our University library, we will consider how books cross borders, as we leaf through the history of the book. 

12pm-4pm (Lunch included 1pm-2pm)

Community event 12.00pm
Bangor Scholarships SP
Wed 4 Apr 2018

Poetry and Story-Telling by Anne Lister Part 2

The Whole Tale of Jauffre Part Two. This tale of high adventure and true love has been told and re-told many times since it was written in the 12th or 13th century, but not often in English! In celebration of Hay's Independence this will be told over two sessions. This is the second session but can be picked up easily. 

Community event 4.30pm
anne lister2
Wed 4 Apr 2018

Talk: 'Life and Books' by Local Hero Major Chris Hunter

Major Chris Hunter is a Bomb Disposal Specialist, Writer and motivational speaker. Hunter had ‘The world’s most dangerous job, in the world’s most dangerous place‘. He joined the Army aged 16 and trained to be a Russian linguist and intelligence operator. He was later commissioned from Sandhurst and re-trained as a bomb disposal technician. For over fourteen years Hunter had served in the Balkans, East Africa, Northern Ireland, Colombia and Afghanistan, but Iraq was different. Roadside bombs and constant rocket attacks were a part of his daily life in Iraq. Chris and his team were very successful at disabling the insurgent’s devices, but their success came at a price. The bombers placed a bounty on Hunter’s head and also started designing bombs specifically for him. For his actions during his Iraq tour, Chris Hunter was awarded the Queen’s Gallantry Medal. During the July 2005 London bombings, Hunter played a key role being seconded to COBRA as a suicide terrorism expert. Since retiring from the army as the MOD’s senior IED intelligence analyst, Chris has worked as a counter-terrorism consultant. He has trained members of the U.S. Department of Defence and provides specialist security consultancy services around the world. He is also a best-selling author of non-fiction titles including: Eight Lives Down and Extreme Risk.Hunter has also co-written two teenage novels with children's writer Steve Cole.The first Tripwire was published in April 2010, and its sequel, Deathwing was published in July 2011. Chris Hunter is a Pseudonym. He will talk about translating his work into two highly successful and readable works of non-fiction.


Community event 8.30pm
Major Chris Hunter
Thu 5 Apr 2018

Talks : #thrillerthursday at the globe

1 . Matt Johnson Ex-Soldier and Ex-Cop with Phil Rickman in Conversation - 12.00pm. Matt Johnson served as a soldier from 1975-78 and Metropolitan Police officer from 1978 to 1999. In that year Matt was discharged from the police with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Whilst undergoing treatment, he was encouraged by his counsellor to write about his career and his experience of murders, shootings and terrorism. His debut novel Wicked Game – a crime thriller – was published by Orenda Books in March 2016. The sequel Deadly Game, was published in March 2017, the finale End Game, in March 2018. 

Presented by Sahiba Sethi @dumbwitnesses 

Community event 12.00pm
Thu 5 Apr 2018

Talks: #thrillerthursday at the globe

2. "I am not your friend, I am your conscience." Paul Harrison, the Serial Killer Profiler in conversation with PSCO, Helen Scott, our much believed hay Community Police Officer. Sponsored by The Swan At Hay - 2.00pm. I've looked evil in the eye, I recognise it now, as it does me! I've found the darker side of humanity lurking everywhere.  I've communicated with serial killers and murderers of all types and denominations, asking the kind of probing questions that make them squirm, helping depict a unique profile of what makes them tick. I'm ready to tell the basis of those experiences in my stories. Everything will come from true to life situations that have been encountered.  I've spent decades confronting the minds of real life monsters, serial killers and paedophiles, gaining an incredible insight into what makes them tick. You've been warned, buckle yourself in, as you'll be going on a journey you're unlikely to ever forget!

Presented by @dumbwitnesses Sahiba Sethi

Community event 2.30pm
Thu 5 Apr 2018

Talks: #thrillerthursday at the globe

3. Guy Fraser-Sampson and Hugh Fraser - 4.00pm. The two are poles apart as crime writers, as they discuss the future of crime fiction and challenges for the detective fiction writer in the 21st century. Chaired by Phil Rickman. Sponsored by The Swan At Hay. Hugh Fraser is best known for playing Captain Hastings in Agatha Christie’s ‘Poirot’ and the Duke of Wellington in ‘Sharpe’. His films include Patriot Games, 101 Dalmatians, The Draughtsman’s Contract and Clint Eastwood’s Firefox and much more! Guy Fraser-Simpson is an established writer, previously best known for his 'Mapp and Lucia' novels, which have been featured on BBC Radio 4 and optioned by BBC television. His first three books of detective fiction, Death in Profile, Miss Christie Regrets and A Whiff of Cyanide, have drawn high praise from fellow crime writers as well as from readers on both sides of the Atlantic. Book 4, A Death in the Night, has just been published by Urbane Publications.

Presented by Sahiba Sethi

Community event 4.00pm
Thu 5 Apr 2018

Talks: #thrillerthursday at the globe

4. Andrew Wilson - 6.00pm. The well-known biographer and journalist, wrote the best-selling 'A Talent for Murder' based on a portion of Agatha Christie's life. His second in this series 'A Different Kind of Evil' will be released in May 2018. He will be reading portions from this and will be talking about using real people and real incidents in a work of fiction. 

Presented by Sahiba Sethi

Community event 6.00pm
Fri 6 Apr 2018

The Creation Station

"Join us for a drop in session during Independence Week! We will be making gorgeous hand-made gifts and creations, including crowns"!

Children of all ages welcome! Contact Beatrice on 07788914347 or email

Community event 10.30am
Creation Station 2016 logo RGB for AE3
Fri 6 Apr 2018

Talk: Meet Barbara Erskine

Hay's very bestselling author! The week before this event Dame Barbara will have just finished correcting her latest novel. We are to be given a sneak preview of this latest work by The First Lady of Hay who will also answer questions on her books, how she writes and what inspires her!

Community event 3.00pm
Sat 7 Apr 2018

Women in Publishing

A panel of young female publishers talk about the issues affecting publishing in the 21st century. Chaired by Elke @meetbookgirl with Katherine @leicestershitekaat - Sanne from Penguin @booksandquills and Jennie @foxedqusrterly (Slightly Foxed Books)

Community event 10.30am
Sat 7 Apr 2018

Quirk Poetry

An hour of local literary production QUIRK hosted by the editors Chris, 'The Bookbinder', Bradshaw and Wayland Boulanger. 

Community event 2.00pm
quirk poetry
Sat 7 Apr 2018

Meet the Boys! Bookstagramming is not just for girls!

Bookstagramming is not just for girls! A panel of the rarer sex of #booklovers talk books and discuss what it is like to be a minority in the mostly girls' world of all things bookish. Chaired by Jack @that.english.guy.who.reads


Community event 3.30pm
Sat 7 Apr 2018

The First Official BOOKSTAGRAMMY Awards!

Put on your frocks and tux, dress to impress, this is the only black tie event of the week… our tongue-in-cheek ceremony is hosted by Siobhan @thehalcyondaysofsummer Charlie @thebookboy Jack @thatenglishboywhoreads and Anne @addymanbooks with prizes donated by Penguin Books, Slightly Foxed Books and Harper Collins. This year there only three categories - for those in Hay and for those who could not make it so six bookstagrammies in total are up for grabs. This year’s themes are:

1. Books and Hot Drinks. We accept coffee, tea or hot chocolate….

2. Books and Scenery. Townscapes, landscapes, hi-rise or waterfalls…

3. A Book Flat Lay or Shelfie. Just books, plain and simple….

Community event 6.30pm
Untitled 1
Sat 7 Apr 2018

Desert Island Picks : Shaun Bythell

Shaun Bythell owns The Bookshop, Scotland's largest second-hand bookshop which is in Hay’s Scottish cousin – Wigtown. The Bookshop contains 100,000 books, spread over a mile of shelving, with twisting corridors and roaring fires, and all set in a beautiful, rural town by the edge of the sea. A book-lover's paradise? Well, almost ...In his recently published wry and hilarious diaries, Shaun provides an inside look at the trials and tribulations of life in the book trade, from struggles with eccentric customers to wrangles with his own staff, who include the ski-suit-wearing, bin-foraging Nicky. He takes us with him on buying trips to old estates and auction houses, recommends books (both lost classics and new discoveries), introduces us to the thrill of the unexpected find, and evokes the rhythms and charms of small-town life, always with a sharp and sympathetic eye.

Come early to get a seat! FREE ENTRY 

Community event 8.00pm
Shaun Bythell
Sat 7 Apr 2018

DJ NIGHT : Dj Red Eyed Trout

Come and party in style at the globe with local DJ 'Red Eyed Trout' ! He will be sure to get you dancing with some old school dance classics of the years!

<<<<<FREE ENTRY>>>>>

Community event 9.30pm
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Fri 13 Apr 2018

Friday Live: Chris Antonik

Celebrated Toronto-based blues-rock guitarist, singer and songwriter Chris Antonik's upcoming 'Monarch' UK tour follows hot on the heels of his latest album 'Monarch'. Monarch, which was nominated in Canada's prestigious 2018 Maple Blues Awards (Recording/Producer of the Year; Songwriter of the Year), confirmed Chris as one of the country's top performers, alongside artists such as Matt Andersen, Steve Hill, and Colin James.

Monarch won recognition from both sides of the Atlantic: in the US, Indie Folk Americana exclaimed, "Monarch is a classic modern blues album made with wisdom and style. Antonik has a transcendent understanding of modern electric blues.” In the UK, Blues Matters Magazine said, "Antonik has poured his heart and soul into this work, and his fine vocals, masterful guitar playing, and superb band have produced an excellent album."

In 2010, Chris's self-titled debut album made its debut at #4 on the Roots Music Report for Canadian roots music radio play, and at #35 for international blues radio play. It remained in the top 100 on these airplay charts for over a year. Plaudits for the album included this from US-based Vintage Guitar Magazine, "This debut demonstrates Antonik is one to watch in the blues. He writes well and plays wonderfully."

Chris, already named 'The Future of the Blues' by Canada’s Blues Underground Network, has been compared to Eric Clapton for his stunning guitar work and innovative, sensitive songwriting. His second album, 'Better For You' (2013), was described as “a masterpiece,” 

Lo res Chris Antonik 20161120 15787 credit Gordon Hawkins preview
Sat 14 Apr 2018

Saturday Shenanigans: Sam Green and The Midnight Heist + Support from Turqoise Llama

Sam Green and the Midnight Heist are a Roots-Rock band from the North Devon Coast, in the southwest of England. This high energy 4 piece bring together Delta Blues, Pacific Northwest Grunge, Hill-Billy Soul and Californian Punk-Rock to create their own blend of progressive modern Roots Music.

Returning in 2017 in preparation for the release of their first full length album in early 2018, and marking the recent release of Sam’s solo/one-man-band album; Sam and the band are excited to be out on the road playing new music to their ever expanding audience.

The 2016 release of the band’s third EP” Factory Studio Sessions”, was met with huge enthusiasm as they lit up the 2016 circuit starting with a headline slot at the Isle of Wight Festival in June, all the way to closing the BBC Introducing Stage at Looe Music Festival at the end of September and everywhere in between.

Sam Green Website Temp
Wed 18 Apr 2018

Creation Station Classes

These award winning Little Explorer classes for toddlers and pre-school aged children provide the perfect solution for all of your child’s creative needs, with no stress or mess for you! Every week you can inspire your child’s imagination and nurture their creativity with fun, hands-on creative play classes. These fun, educational and safe activity programmes engage your child’s natural curiosity and allow each child to participate and explore at a rate and pace which suits them. 

Discover:  6 – 15 months (approx.) 9:30am

Little Explorers: 16 months + (approx.) 10:45am

Classes run on a fortnightly basis on Wednesdays at the globe and can be booked online via The Creation Station website or by contacting Beatrice on 07788914347.


Community event 9.30am
Creation Station 2016 logo RGB for AE
Fri 20 Apr 2018

Friday Live: Bob Hillary

Bob is a folk Singer-songwriter who makes music that is Earthy, funky & positive, with a strong World music influence. 

He is a passionate advocate of the 'Live Simply' movement that is currently spreading around the Globe, & is a keen practitioner of Yoga, Meditation and living naturally. He is actively engaged in bringing about much-needed change to outdated systems in the World, & his songs have this message running strongly through them.

Having previously lived in a busy city for 10 years working the 9-5 lifestyle & fronting World Roots band THE RUFFNESS in the evenings, Bob experienced serious health issues in the form of M.E, and was forced to change how he lived. He moved out of the city to a rural farm, & was forced to confront how he was living.

Gradually over 3 years, he built his health up again, learning tools like Meditation, the practice of Yoga, & Organic food - and in particular found solace in re-immersing himself in his musical roots. This time coming from a Slower -but surer- place.

'Bob Hillary & the Massive Mellow' formed in 2010, & recorded their debut Album, 'Nature's Pace' in a Studio in the hills of Scotland. The Producers wife, Sam Brown-(Pink Floyd) sang harmonies on the album. The album gained the attention of The Big Chill Label & they signed a 3 album deal.

After 2 years of making waves on the UK Festival scene and playing at Glastonbury in 2012, they recorded the Album 'LOVE', with folk singer Carrie Tree singing on the album. Gaining national radioplay & rave reviews, the Album was released in the US by Atrain Records. Bob has received 100's of letters from people around the world saying how much the album has helped them.


Sat 21 Apr 2018

Saturday Shenanigans: Ruby Muse

RUBY MUSE is poet-musicians Jools Heyes & Malcolm Heyes.  Their unique style wraps alternative blues, folk-rock and Brit-Americana around songs and poetry with diverse themes – from Greek myth and angels through to surrealist paintings and imploding stars.  Perceptive lyrics and colourful imagery mix with seductive vocal and guitar harmonies (sprinkled with touches of 70’s flower-power and prog-dust) creating soundscapes that are distinctive and memorable.

RUBY MUSE work airs internationally on radio, TV/Film and the web.  Join them for an atmospheric evening of music and artistic musings on life, love, loss and transformation – their very own ‘magical, mythical, mystery tour’.


'Deliciously beautiful and emotive!'   Noizze UK

‘Cool and significant, with nothing but good vibes!'   Liverpool Sound & Vision

‘Urgent, infectious and steeped in a mystical hue...'   Flyin' Shoes Magazine

0177 crop sofaglow noblur
Fri 27 Apr 2018

Friday Live: Ollie West Band

The Ollie West Band are a 4 to 24 piece ensemble, creating new genre blending pop/fusion recognised by the likes of Bill Laurance and Dean Friedman. Led by songwriter, arranger, singer and pianist Ollie West, the band keep building from strength to strength and continue to develop their success with innovative ideas, memorable performances and, best of all, great soulful music. Inspired by artists such as Billy Joel, Bruce Hornsby and Elbow, Ollie's song writing consistently blends pop, jazz and classical genres and now carries a distinctive style of piano based writing with catchy melodies and intriguing harmonies.

Ollie himself has worked as a session keyboard player for New Order, Bill Laurance, ITV's Cold Feet and Joe Duddell, as well as arranging and songwriting for other upcoming artists in Manchester.  

"The tracks of Ollie West and his band are excellent examples of pop/fusion; sophisticated changes, literate lyrics layered upon a fine groove." - Dean Friedman, Songwriter

olllie west
Sat 28 Apr 2018

Saturday Shenanigans: Mr. Woodnote, Lil Rhys & Eva Lazarus

We warmly welcome back notorious street performer, Mr. Woodnote who this time brings with him Lil Rhys & Eva Lazarus.

Mr. Woodnote uniquely freestyles beats and riffs with only a microphone, a loop station, a saxophone and an electric saxophone. He will be creating his big and bouncy beats live-on-stage. His lyrical partners-incrime, Lil Rhys and Eva Lazarus join him onstage to mix Hip-Hop and Funk flavours with Jazz and Dance harmonies. 


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Fri 11 May 2018

Friday Live: Hattie Briggs + support from Frankie Wesson

Hattie Briggs is a 24 year-old singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist.

**Fender Guitars Undiscovered Artist of the Year 2017/2018**

Hattie is a 24 year-old singer-songwriter, recently named Fender Undiscovered Artist of the Year 2017.

Influenced by Foy Vance, Joni Mitchell, James Taylor, Goldfrapp, Pete Seeger, Regina Spektor and Jeff Buckley, Hattie writes and sings from the heart.

During her travels she has performed over 450 gigs and festivals and supported Lucy Rose at O2 Shepherd's Bush Empire, Ward Thomas at O2 London Brooklyn Bowl, John Smith, Blue Rose Code, Tom Williams, amongst many others.

Her crystalline vocals, insightful lyrics and catchy melodies resonate across all ages.

Support comes from Frankie WessonHer sets consist of a mixture of acoustic heartfelt original songs drawn from personal experience as well as classic and contemporary covers. Raised on artists like Fleetwood Mac, Alanis Morisette, Tracy Chapman and Eva Cassidy she also takes inspiration from contemporary artists such as Ed Sheeran, Adele, Deaf Havana and Julien Baker.

Hattie Briggs by Ian Wallman 170kb
Sat 12 May 2018

Saturday Shenanigans: Larkham & Hall

Americana songwriters Sarah Larkham and Elliot Hall (accolades including Bristol Songwriter Of The Year award), create bittersweet, beautiful music with country elements, taking their influences from American folk, country and blues artists such as Bob Dylan, Joni Mitchell and Johnny Cash. Together they layer harmony vocals onto thought provoking, poetic lyrics, all woven through with sparkling guitar, country style mandolin and emotionally charged harmonica. Emotional, heartfelt, honest music in the country-folk tradition, and words that will stay with you for a long long time.

"The kind of daydream England needs to reignite a spark for credible new songwriters. Fans of folk, poetry and rock'n'roll should pay attention." ALEX LEE THOMPSON NME JOURNALIST

"Humble Americana flare" Nitelife

"A delightful set of songs...they display their unique knack for songwriting" BRISTOL 24/7

"World Class act" GLASTONBURY FM

"A beautiful slouching sadness" ANNA BRITTEN VENUE

"Americana from the top drawer" SOUNDLOUNGE LONDON

"Music to bring joy and break your heart" SAVFEST UK

zombie hut both b and w2
Sat 19 May 2018

Charity Music Night

Hay, Brecon & Talgarth Sanctuary for Refugees presents a night of music featuring a wealth of talent in the form of Duncan McCorkindale, Adam Thorn, Nobby Wright, Josh Brown and friends. It will be a mix of Alternative, Country, Folk, Covers and Originals. 

£5 Entry - All profits from the door will be going to Hay, Brecon & Talgarth Sanctuary for Refugees -

HBTSR was set up as a direct local response to the refugee crisis, and has over 400 members providing respite days for youth and families as well as education, accommodation, collection of necessary items and transport.

Community event 7.00pm
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Fri 25 May 2018


The world's largest philosophy and music festival, HowTheLightGetsIn, returns to the famed book town of Hay in 2018. Debate about the nature of the universe with the worlds top scientists, laugh until your sides hurt with the UK's best comedians, dine with our speakers in Open Platform events or dance by the river to the finest beats. The 2018 line-up will include best-selling physicist Lawrence Krauss, political theorist Noam Chomsky, psychiatrist and former Government Drugs Adviser David Nutt, Shadow Home Secretary Diane Abbott, former Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams, director of Zizek’s A Pervert’s Guide to Ideology Sophie Fiennes and journalists Polly Toynbee, Gideon Rachman and Matthew d’Ancona. 

Earlybird tickets available now. Locals are eligible for 50% off the standard ticket price in person at The Globe At Hay.

Book Now

Community event 9.00am
17 09 26. 1200 x 630 px. Earlybird Tickets On Sale Now3
Fri 15 Jun 2018

Friday Live: Manitoba Hal

The Mid Wales Rhythm and Blues Club presents Manitoba Hal.

Manitoba Hal is a consummate blues man, having toured Canada extensively with a ukulele.  Picturing him in his 100 year old cottage in Nova Scotia, one can't help wonder how someone can sound like he grew up in the Deep South of the States and play raw, swamp, delta, Cajun and zydeco style blues. Hal developed the blues sound when he lived in Winnipeg Manitoba (where he also got his name). "Winnipeg, often referred to as the Chicago of the north, is situated in a delta betwenn the Red and Assinboine rivers. I was born at the blues and I found that music inside me, I came alive and my soul started expressing itself in songs that flowed with that music. The blues is where my soul came into this world. Where it will end up I don't know but I'm ready for the journey". 

Website link:

Tickets are £10 available from:

Community event 8.00pm
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Sat 29 Sep 2018

Saturday Shenanigans: Keith James - The Songs of Leonard Cohen

Enigmatic, mysterious and sub textural, songwriter Leonard Cohen was an unflinching character, with an exact sense of prose, a wry humour and courage to wrestle with the unspoken, forgiving human frailty with the stroke of each line. 

The chilling announcement of Leonard's passing marked the end of an era. His music befriended an entire generation. Within every line of his writing, he has been challenging us to listen more carefully, speak more thoughtfully, think more deeply and recognize our own fragility. A Man of Grace. This World will miss him very much!
With a lifetime reputation of performing in this exact way and an undying love of the ‘pure song’ Keith James gives you a concert of Cohen’s amazing material in the most intimate and sensitive way imaginable, exposing the solitary inner strength of his greatest songs in their original perfect form. Keith has performed an extensive tour of this concert in Theatres and Arts Centres across the UK, giving almost 400 concerts to over 100,000 people. This has proved to be one of the greatest honours in Keith James’ 40 year career in music. Keith lives in Powys, Wales and Andalucia, Spain
Amongst a concert of such songs as; Famous Blue Raincoat, Sisters of Mercy, Suzanne and Hallelujah, are also Poems by Lorca that Keith has set to music; Cohen’s greatest influence. There will also be songs from ‘You want it Darker’ released only weeks before his death – produced by his Son, Adam.
‘Some of the most atmospheric and emotive music you will ever hear’  The Independent
‘Keith James has become a pillar of trust. A sublimely intimate and engaging voice’  Sunday Times
‘an elegant and beautifully crafted reinterpretation of a great Artist’s words’  BBC Radio Scotland
‘certainly the UK’s most celebrated and evocative interpreter of golden music’  The Guardian
‘All the tears of time are shed in a few brief lines’  Times Literary Supplement
‘a sensitive and pleasingly understated delivery, all the better that the songs might speak for themselves’  Acoustic Magazine
 Keith James’ website:             
Book tickets £10.00 8.00pm
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