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Teas, Coffees and Deluxe Hot Chocolates

The globe at hay's cafe is open and ready to fulfil your caffeinated or decaffeinated wants and needs. With an extensive selection of loose-leaf teas varying from Darjeeling, Hibiscus, Rooibos, peppermint and more. Further, we are proud to make our coffees with Clifton Coffee Speciality Roasters, accompanied with fresh, locally sourced creamy milk or milk alternative. 

We have got your coffee and tea needs covered, and invite you to indulge in a deluxe hot chocolate, made with a super-rich, luxurious, well-balanced blend of chocolate powder, topped off with fresh, creamy milk and to finish a generous helping of whipped cream, marshmallows, and a sprinkle of cinnamon or chocolate powder!

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