Glove at Hay: Winslow Court Exhibition

24th November 2016-24th March 2017

Winslow Court at the globe at hay

Private View Thursday 24th November 3pm

The globe at hay are proud to announce that it's next art exhibition features work by the residents of Winslow Court, a SENAD group centre based in Bromyard that provides education, care and community support for the most complex, vulnerable and hard to place young people and adults. All artwork featured in this upcoming exhibition is by residents of this care facility. One of the most important traits of the human condition is the desire to communicate and the globe at hay and Winslow Court believe art is one of the means we use to achieve this. Thus, this exciting new exhibition will showcase all forms of artwork, by many different artists and showcasing many forms of artistic expression. All work is for sale and proceeds will go toward facilitatory art funding within Winslow Court itself. Beginning Thursday 24th and running until March 2017, this is a rare opportunity to see and discover previously unveiled work. The globe is rooted in its belief that all art forms are valuable and this exhibition is central to this ethos. Come along and join in the conversation! 

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Previous Exhibitions:

9th Sep-20th November

Billie Charity and eoh-mit showcase their photography at the globe in partnership with H-Art

 Private View 9th September 2016, 6-8pm

This is part of the Herefordshire Art Week trail: we will be open for the full 10 days of the trail to give you an opportunity to see this eye-catching art work by two greatly talented photographers.  

billie char3



8th July - 4th September 

Amy le Bailly/ Stacey Wilding/ Gary Benson

Opening Night Friday 8th July

Amy Le Bailly produces analog photographs on film, employing manual techniques using basic or “toy” cameras popular in years gone by.  Gary Benson’s black and white images similarly play with traditional processing techniques to create strange and intimate snapshots.  Whilst Stacey Wilding presents disquieting yet beautiful assembled sculptural works from unwanted book material and natural found objects. 

Amy art image2



3 March – 15 May 2016

Laurel Gallagher Film Still Bird BoyLaurel Gallagher: Shadow of a Feral State

Private View 4 March, 6-8pm

Laurel Gallagher is a visual artist and educator whose practice explores the feral within modern life.  Thoughts on isolation, freedom and security combined with the desire to connect with our instinctual past inform her collection of otherworldly characters.

The act of image making is as important to Laurel as the completed artwork; from an initial black background shadow forms emerge to be covered with ethereal washes and architectural structures, creating visual depth. Drips of free flowing paint break the continuity of the image inviting the viewer to consider both the physical qualities of paint as well as the illustrative forms it takes.

Working from her home in the shadow of the Peak District, surrounded by relics from an industrial era, Laurel develops projects that question our desire for domestic security by offering seductive visions of a feral state. www.feralstate.com


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Tottie Aarvold: Torn

4 December 2015 – 28 February 2016

An artist and fine art photographer studying at Hereford College of Arts, Tottie Aarvold captures the abstract qualities of the world around us through paint or through a lens. Drawn to textures, layers, colour and line - to the unnoticed, the abandoned, the unusual and random in everyday life - Aarvold finds beauty in decay.

Aavold’s work is very personal and involves self-exploration. Working for many years as a Psychotherapist has led to an interest in the hidden and revealed, in what lies beneath.

‘Torn’ is a series of photographs revealing the effects of time and the power of nature and mankind on surfaces in everyday life. Aarvold sees these images as ‘found paintings’.  She aims to create a story, an uncertainty and psychological confusion in her work.  It is important that the image is as she sees it and that it isn’t highly manipulated in Photoshop. The camera is her eye; it captures what stands out to her in the world.

All of the works on show at the Globe at Hay are for sale.  Please contact eleanor.adams@globeathay.co.uk for a price list and details.


Shelton Hospital 2012 – photography.
TrosGynnal Plant, Aardvark Books 2012 – Paintings.
Hereford College of Arts Summer Show 2012 – Paintings, Ceramics, Photography.
Applestore Gallery, Hereford 2015  - Photography.
Chang Thai, Ludlow 2015 Solo Show – Photography.