Education work has always been a core part of our work at the globe at hay. The venue is the home of The Institute of Arts and Ideas, which sets out to make arts, philosophy and critical thinking accessible to all. At the globe we host the annual music and philosophy festival, HowTheLightGetsIn, as well as a programme of music, talk & debates and community events that takes place year-round.

We now want to grow this education programme to ensure that our work is reaching as many young people and schools as possible across the region. This education and outreach work is managed by Fran King our Education Lead and Hay Courses Manager. Fran comes from a background in arts education, where most of her work has been centred around working with teachers and young people in the creative learning departments of regional theatres.

We fund raise for much of our education work to ensure that what we do is affordable for all, whilst also ensuring that the practitioners we work with are being paid fairly and competitively.

The globe's new education programme works with all young people enabling them to learn new skills and broaden their horizons, but we are particularly committed to ensuring that hard to reach young people are able to access our work, without barriers. We believe strongly that creativity and the arts can make a difference to people’s lives. We are committed to collaborating with the community and our programme hosts many local voices. We are always seeking new ideas and we would be delighted if you got in touch to share your thoughts for the venue as the programme evolves.

The gobe at hay aspires to be part of a healthy and happy community where arts, critical thinking and the permission to 'think big' are central to all people's lives, which in turn boosts aspiration.

For more information, please contact fran.king@globeathay.co.uk