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During 2017 HowTheLightGetsIn will be having a fallow year, but don't worry, it will be back with a vengeance in 2018 with more debate, talk, music and more of the things we've all come to love it for. We decided to take a break so we could launch our iai courses and address some of the issues that have arisen over the past few years. As you know HowTheLightGetsIn has grown enormously from it's very small beginings and it now takes a huge amount of energy and work throughout the year from a large team. However we have not yet managed to break-even and in fact we are some way from doing so. Creating an organisation which is financially sustainable is one of our priorities for this fallow time.

We believe in what we are doing and think it worthwhile and support from the town and the local community is vital to us.If the closure of the globe during the festival this year helps to increase support for HowTheLightGetsIn from the local community and allows us to make a more successful event in subsequent years enabling us to run for the foreseeable future, it will have been worthwhile. We're sorry you won't have us this year but with luck this will mean there is a better chance of us being a permanent fixture for many years to come!

We here at the globe will be closed for the 10 days HTLGI usually runs for, but keep your eyes peeled for or April-June events programme, which will include our brand new iai courses. Your chance to experience a weekend of talk, debate and discussion of some the biggest questions we are currently facing. So, for all those HowTheLightGetsIn addicts out there, all it not lost! For more iai courses information/booking please click here

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