A day at the globe at hay

bookstagram 2

This week I thought I would write a little piece on what it is like to work at the globe, sharing with you some of the antics that we as staff experience from day to day! 

My name is Emma and I have been an intern here at the globe for nearly 6 weeks now. It did not take me long at all to feel super welcome by the team! There is never a dull moment - every day something new and challenging arises. With such a small, tight-knit team everyone utilises their skills and expertise and brings something to the table. Everyone shares the same passion and is so dedicated in making the globe a success! I have been lucky enough to have experienced this success first-hand, having shadowed Elle, our events and marketing coordinator, on event days and nights. 

On Saturday 1st April the globe hosted ‘Independence Weekend Events’.  On this extremely busy super Saturday there were four events! First up and kicking our Independence Weekend off we had a linocut printmaking and bookplate creation demonstration from John Watson. The hall was full of individuals and families eager to learn the step-by-step processes, methods and materials of linocut prints. After having kindly shared this with us, John addressed the audience for questions. No body left without a keepsake of the event. 

printmaking talk

After a quick turn over of seating arrangements on the stage, and setting up of microphones, we were straight back to it! Our second event of the day was an hour-long interactive panel discussion on #Bookstagramme. Siobhan Graham, who chaired the discussion, was joined by some of the top #bookstagrammers. People gathered in force to listen insightfully about what it is they do, building a large following, and how instagram has brought book lovers together from every corner of the world! This panel discussion took us through the lunch hours and we were crazily busy! Both the café in the lower gallery and upper gallery were full of diners and coffee drinkers fully engrossed and thoroughly enjoying the Independence events they had come to see, or had stumbled across momentarily.

bookstagram 1

After a mad lunch rush, we were half way through our super Saturday.  Another quick swivel of chairs and movement around the hall, we were ready for event number three. And it was certainly time for a bit of chill time. What better way to chill out then watch a film! Event three was just that! We had a screening of a film adaptation of a relatively unknown early novel by the Gonzo journalist Hunter S. Thompson: the ‘Rum Diary’.  The Rum Diary manuscript was discovered by Johnny Depp amongst Thompson’s papers and published for the first time in the 1998.  The film, released on October 28, 2011, was written and directed by Bruce Robinson and stars Johnny Depp. We were so lucky beforehand to be joined by Bruce himself, who answered questions on working with Johnny Depp and the processes as a film-maker involved in turning a novel first into a screen play and then a film. Bruce is also a dear friend of Depp’s and we got to listen to some of the most heart-felt and warm details of his life and his personality traits. Do not read everything you hear in the tabloids! Anyway, the film was shot beautifully, with a really gritty narrative- a great watch.

screening 1

As soon as the film was over, we prepared for our fourth and final event of the day! The people of Hay were in for a real treat as it was time for another Saturday Shenanigans live music event! It was time for the return of Afro Cluster! Whilst the 9-piece band warmed up and sound checked with Bill, Hugh and Rob our brilliant and talented chefs cooked up a feast for them to gorge on before performing. With everything in check, the venue set up, chairs cleared, and tickets and drink’s flowing, it was time for Afro Cluster to take to the stage! After a quick introduction of the band from Elle who was our MC for the evening away we went! It didn’t take long for the venue floor to be filled, with people busting some entertaining dance moves! The night was a huge success and we loved having Afro Cluster back with us at the globe. It was so exciting and rewarding to see so many people attend and most importantly having a wonderful time! What a great way to end such a busy and electrifying day at the globe!


See you soon! – Emma